Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake


Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake
Title: Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake (彼女がカフェに通う理由)
English Title: Great Waiters
Creator: Washio Mie (鷲尾美枝)
Length: 1 volume
Status: Complete
Genre: ,

Welcome to Hot Cafe, where the tea is delicious and the waiters are beautiful. Eisei is a high-school student who isn’t looking for a part-time job, but her handsome looks land her a job as a waiter at the trendy cafe. Even more surprising, Eisei starts to fall in love with her co-worker, Kouno. But how will Kouno react when he finds out that Eisei shouldn’t be a waiter, but a waitress?!

Follow the patrons and employees as they discover that Hot Cafe serves coffee and tea with a dash of romance.


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Horrible! Just, Horrible!
Is what I would say to bad scans- but yours however, are wonderful.
Moving on, I really loved the manga~! Keep up the good work! 😀

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