Were you fooled?


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I don’t even know by what. Hah!

Apologies for those who got pranked by us! Errr… and for my post that is getting shorter…

…but who cares! As long as I survived!

As always, staff recruitment! Please consider applying to join our staff so you can get your favorite releases faster~

  • Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series.
  • Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Experienced Quality Checkers – You must have editing experience~

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I hear yer, I hear yer…


Posted by craxx | Posted in Updates | Posted on 16-02-2014


Wondering where we’ve been yer say?

Me-self is busy grooming one fine penguin ter melt all yer hearts and training one baby penguin ter rule pwetty covers. Mrawr.
Others? They’re all been hybernating under the cold weather.

Happy Valentine’s Month!