Melting Away~!


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The weather just kept trying to melt my brain away because of the heat! Seriously! For more than a month now, the temperature is around 38 degrees Celsius with an heat index of 42-46 degrees Celsius!

So we hope the your guys from other parts of the world are having a fun summer. Here’s an image for those of us dying of heat in this part of the world. This kind of heat, we don’t mind! XD

On to the releases!
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Can you believe it?! :O


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Over the years, we’ve seen staffers having babies, getting married to pink tutu guys, having even more surprise babies and even some enrolling those same early kids into karate classes. How time flies. Maybe we should start grooming those babies to take over when we’re waving our old lady canes in the near future :)

Can you believe it’s been EIGHT YEARS?! :O Isn’t that crazy?

We here at Aerandria would like to thank everyone for the wonderful last eight years. Thank you for the support, endless cheering squads, merciless cattle prods, screaming fandoms, crazy stampedes, flood of tears, corners of woe, pink tutus, pirate teddy bears, army of penguins, chocolate bribes and the unending sacrifices of innocent souls.

We’s also like to thank all the staffers, past and present, for all their hard work and sacrifices, composing of chocolate tears and glittery sweat, in bringing us all these releases. *bows*

All of your support makes us want to cry.

And now, on to the releases~
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