Here are the current jobs we need in Aerandria. Check back here for frequent updates. Please use the Contact Form to apply.

We need dedicated people who are willing to put their time and effort in helping us release these series.

Or if there is a position you’re interested in but is not listed here, feel free to Ask Us. There’s no harm in asking, and we don’t bite. ^^

Japanese to English Translators Needed For:

  • Any series! Ask us!


Scanners for various series. Please use the Contact Form to apply.

Quality Checkers:

Basically, people who check a chapter before it can be released. A chapter is checked for editing, translation and proofreading mistakes. Quality checkers will get the PSD files to make the changes themselves and may write comments to editors for improvement on their next assignment. The QC applicant will be given both the editing and proofreading test and must pass both. So basically, a QCer must be familiar with both editing and proofreading jobs.

English Proofreaders:

Proofreaders are the one who check the translation scripts for grammatical and spelling errors and for missing translations. Applications must have a good command of the English language. You will be given a Proofreading guide to help you. You will be given scanned images to check your translations with. You don’t need to have any image editing program. You just need a text program like MS Word, Notepad, etc. Proofreaders are required to submit at least two proofread chapters per day.

Permanent Editors Needed For:

We need photoshop editors who keep to the deadlines and who work diligently. Rabid-crazed fangirls with photoshop skills are encouraged to apply. ^^ A turn around of at least two weeks per chapter is expected. Please, if you’re not willing to stick around for a least a couple of chapters, don’t apply.

  • Various series and numerous one-shots. The list changes daily so please just contact us.


Before Sample

After Sample

Raws Scans Prepper

We’ll also need fast scans cleaners; someone who cleans our raws as shown below. Please apply!

Before Sample

After Sample

Raws Scans Provider / Manga Scanner

We need someone willing to scan some titles for us. We also accept scans from various manga magazines! ^^ Also, if anyone has any series by the following authors that have not yet been scanlated or licensed, please inform us and we’d gladly work on that series for you.

  1. Ogura Akane
  2. Kaori Yuki
  3. Ohmi Tomu
  4. Izumi Asuka
  5. Shiomi Chika
  6. Taamo
  7. Kiuchi Tatsuya
  8. Suzuki Julietta
  9. Arina Tanemura
  10. Mitsuki Kako
  11. Motomi Kyousuke
  12. Shin Yui
  13. Kawase Natsuna
  14. Saitou Ken
  15. Yoshino Aki

Or you can suggest titles to us. We’re open to any suggestions as long as no one is currently scanlating that series or that series is not licensed in English.

Scans Cleaner

We’ll also need fast scans cleaner; someone who cleans our raws for typesetting and one who thinks that gutter shadows are EVIL! Please apply!

Before Sample

After Sample


These are people who put the text in the scans after the Cleaner has cleaned them.

Before Sample

After Sample

Cloning Ninja

Specialized people who only clone hard parts of a manga, or clone or redraw parts that needed to be done.

Before Sample

After Sample