WingedFanfics goes LIVE!


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Hello everyone!

We’re happy to announce that another Winglica – Aerandria endeavor has finally arrived!

We hope with this new website, we would be able to help out our creative members to pour out their creative sides.

Admit it, most of us being anime and manga fans that we are, we have underwent a mad phase for fanfictions related to our favorite titles. So we thought, why not also make a small nook in cyberspace to have this creative juices sparkle in the sunlight? It will be fun! This is how came about. We want to cater to the needs of creative anime and manga writers and fans and feed their hunger for more of their fave series!

Everyone is invited to register and start posting on their work! The site is new so we might encounter some boo-boos along the way. If you find any of these boo-boos, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it so we could fix it asap.

Hope to see works soon! Thank you! ^_____________^

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Um,I wanna check out the site (I REALLY, REALLY DO), but it doesn’t work for me. :'(

I usually use firefox– not working — and I’ve already tried internet explorer.

Does it still work? Are there any problems with the site? (Hopefully it still does! D:)

Sorry, about this! ><

About the ‘Hopefully it still does! D:’ part. That was meant for ‘Does it still work?’. Sorry (again), for any confusion.

Hi missy115!

Gakuen Alice has been integrated to wingedfanfics a few days ago. ^^ Check it out! 😀

this is a great idea!
Im still waiting for you guys to add Gakuen Alice so that I can contribute!

What a nice idea ! 😀 But I’m french and I already have difficulty writing some lines so… é__è

Thank you guys!

Though I have to point out that Wingedfanfics is currently a fanfiction site, not a fanart site. XD

It’s very new so we’re taking things nice and slow. I hope we could have contributions soon. ^_^

Thank you!

wow! nice project for 2010. Though im not artistic nor i have any writing talents. im excited to see works of Manga fans. Best of luck guys ^____^

Congrats!!! my best wishes to this new project! Although my drawing sucks, i still love to see others works, so i’ll make sure to drop by! see you guys! ^^

Congratulations and good luck with this new project! I’m not fluent in English, so I don’t dare to participate yet, but I will be wishing you the best luck.

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