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Hey guys. Some of you probably don’t recognize me, but I’m one of Lacaille’s mythical QCers*cough*slaves*cough*. As you all know, AE is currently going under changes due to the loss of two of our most beloved staffers. It was decided that I will take over in Lacaille’s place. I guess the “True Master of AE” thing isn’t just a joke anymore. Nevertheless, I will step up to the plate to the best of my abilities. I’ve seen how Lacaille has run Aerandria, and admired her greatly for it. I’ve worked for other groups, but this one is by far the best. She’s taught me a lot and I hope to continue what she’s left behind.

My position isn’t the only one that’s going to change. It was decided that Amaru would be the new head of the Smut Dept., Marcella, the new head of the Shounen-ai (BL) Dept. and, last but not least, jojo_da_crow, the new head for the Shounen *cough*shota*cough* Dept. They have all been elected to their positions because of their passion for that particular genre and their dependability.

That sums up the big changes in AE. I hope you’ll continue to support this wonderful group and possibly fill our ranks as much needed QCers, editors, cleaners, typesetters, cloning ninja, and Japanese translators~ ^__^

After a period of mourning and silence, we bring you a nice surprise. *cough* Drum roll please… -cues the AE band- We would like to present to you our incredible find:

KYAAAH! The cover <3

Yes, the Midnight Secretary Novel *__* Mari has translated the first few pages for your pleasure. Send her your thanks~ Enjoy!

And the releases for today are:

  1. Kindan no Koi de Ikou – volume 8. Finally, the cliff-hanger is over (:
  2. Hapi Mari – chapter 2. Many thanks to Midnight Scans for collaborating with us on another chapter.
  3. Kurobara Alice – chapter 1. A new project, and also Mari’s personal favorite ^_^
  4. Hanatsuki Hime – chapters 7 & 8. The ending of the tale between Lys and Siva \o/
  5. Koizora – chapter 13. Thanks Melisa for taking on this project (:
  6. Jewel to Canary – an ultra cute and short oneshot. This marks our 70th complete project \o/

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Ahhh I need Akagami no Shirayukihime T__________T so cuuute
U guys are one of the best scanlation group out there, such a beautiful job!! >3

Thank you so much for the MS novel! First the book cover is really well done, looks pretty and very professional! Second the text was really well written! I personally haven’t read a novel for a couple of years (yeah…) but I thought the language here was really pretty and flowed really smooth. Even at the end, when i saw the fangirl part, i still thought that might just have been Aerandria’s comment. Really didn’t realize it was a joke till the end. ^_^;; Should have noticed that a 2008 novel wouldn’t know the manga story of 2009. Should have noticed that Ohmi sensei wouldn’t be the author of the novel. THANK YOU, IT WAS GREAT!!

ROFL. what an amazing ms chapter.

hahaha wow u guys got me with the novel. 😳 it was very good and unfortunatly i was hooked til the end…… :mrgreen: THANX FOR THE AWESOME NEW RELEASES!!!!

Good luck with everything. im sure you guys will do great!

I wish you guys the best and thank you! Please continue the great work Aerandria has been providing so far!!! :mrgreen:

Congratulations to you Adrift! Or should I be saying good luck? lol

Thanks for the releases, and wow, I didn’t expect there to be a novel. But I took a glance and it sounds more like fanfiction… maybe because we didn’t get up to this whole part and it’s weird to read the emotions instead of seeing it since I read it as a manga first lol. It’s cute though so thank you Mari. It must have been tiring translating it into English.

Woo Hoo aerandria didn’t die!!! I honestly thought that this group was gone for good but thank god i’m wrong. Thanks for the releases and if you ever need a japanese -> English translator for a chapter or two, feel free to contact me. i won’t be able to tackle a complete project but i can spare a few hours for a couple of chapters. just think of me as a last option for a tight schedule.

muhahahha that was really good, MS novel:D

Well… it won’t be the same, but you guys will still continue to be my most favorite scanlation group evar :3 And good luck Adrift! (Thanks for the releases everyone X3)

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