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We have a lone weekend release today. Yes, just one. But I guess this will be enough to tide over the screaming fangirls who constantly pound on our door screaming for the next release. So here it is, chapter 6 of Midnight Secretary.

*runs and hides for cover amidst the stampeding fangirls*

I can’t believe you fangirls even post questions on Yahoo regarding where to get more chapters of MS. Tsk, tsk. Mari, MS’s translator, suggested we take out life insurance, four bodyguards and use heavy-duty safety locks for our doors to keep the fangirls at bay. Though I don’t think that’ll be enough to stop them. ^^

On another great news, we’re officially picking up another joint with Celestial Scans, this time for another series by the same creator of Midnight Secretary. This one is called Barairo my Honey and we’ll be starting work on that in maybe less than a month, hopefully. So we need an editor (possibly two) for that series who are willing to be trained and are dedicated to their work and won’t disappear on us. I know that most of the editors who applied for Midnight Secretary will probably want to edit this too so we’ll consider you for this series as well. Please use the Contact Form to apply. Note that you will not be able to start work on it asap, but we’ll use that time to train you. ^^

Warning: All emails or comments asking when the next release is due to come out will automatically be reported to the Spam Police and slapped with an iron-clad Permanent Restraining Order. >DD

Dang it. I had to make a new divshare account because we’ve exceeded the bandwidth limit today because of the multiple downloads just for this release. Did I mention that it’s only been 6 hours since we released this? You guys are scary.

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Thank you so much for the latest MS release! Yay!

OMG THX VERY MUCH :mrgreen: I LUV Midnight Secretary XDDDDDDDDDD I’m really happy that you guys are going to do another manga from this author, her mangas are really good 😛 I luv Kindan no Koi de Ikou it”s such a pity that shoujo magic dropped it ;_; Anyway great job :smile:

😈 Hahaha.. Another crazy chainsaw-wielding fangirl arrives! Yeah, you guys have the best projects. Love them so! MS especially of course. Thanks much!

Well, i guess im a sort of crazy fangirl too, but you guys are just amazing, and you spoil us with the speed and the quality of your releases! I mean, keep it up! You have Only really good projects up, that is so rare, Thank You so much, it is greatly appreciated!!

gosh i just love you guys. ya’ll are always releasing chapters so fast and they are always of great quality. aerandria is the best scanlation group ever~~!

Oh! Can I beat off the fangirls? I’ve got a sharpened German dirk and a cattle prod! *fires up weapons of awesomeness*

aha 😛 you know we love our midnight secretary 😀
fear us! RAWR 😈
well thanx so much for the releases!
you guys are awsome<3_<3

Ahahahaha, that’s freakin hilarious. I really love this series and how the main character isn’t a big whore, lol (3 months passed before anything happened; I hate when they give in too quick). Thanks so much for the releases, this rabid fangirl is very pleased :-) (The beasts have been tamed…for now >-))

hahaha, I dl this b4, but came back to say thank you. so…

THANK YOU for the releases!

– on another note: yeah, your fans are scary… that’s what makes us avid supporters of your wonderful hard work! did I mention that I love you guys for all the time you spend on making our lives happy? no? well, ya, <3 you & thanks again.

Thanks for this chapter! Exceeded bandwith only means that we all love this series. 😀

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