Valentine Chocolates ~


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Oh… it’s Valentine’s Day.

Let’s see… I see hearts, cupids, red, roses, chocolates…

Now wait. Much as I adhere to the quote “It’s better to give than to receive,” I’m selfish when it comes to chocolates. These are premium belgian chocolate people. These are rare to get! So sue me I am hoarding this. XD

Before any of the Aerandria staff get their torches and pitchforks to rally on our AE penguin-shaped headquarters, may I please direct your attention to the following:

  • Our Facebook haven is still welcoming members! We have two (2) actually. First is at Aerandria Scans group. The other is at Winglica – Aerandria, an Anime and Manga Community . Either FB page feature the scanlations. The difference is the latter constitutes the network.
  • Please consider applying to join our staff so you can get your favorite releases faster. Come to think of it, why don’t we have some positions for chocolatiers? The AE staff do need their desserts while editing *cough* XD
  • Our recently launched bishounen wiki is waiting for your bishie loooooove~ The bishies are waiting to have their profiles made. Show the fandom!

As for the Valentine release, here they are!

    • Seishun Kouryakuhon chapter 7 – Last chapter of this series! Yay for our 80th completed series! \o/ Thank you Shinnen for your cooperation with this series!
    • Mishounen Produce chapter 15 – Noooooooo, Kousei… T_T
    • Dokuhime chapter 21 – Something about the royal family just makes me want to punch them in the face.
    • Hapi Mari chapter 29 – Be still, my heart!
    • Sora Log chapter 12 – It feels like Asou is all sorts of things.
    • Raspberry Field no Majo chapter 6 – I’d be the worse secret gatherer… A thanks to our joint partner Forbidden Garden for their help with this chapter!
    Introducing to you, our three new series!

    • Akuma no Puzzle chapter 1-2 – A demon possessed bishie?! :O~
    • Xue Lian volume 1 extra & chapter 4 – Hey, more demons! XD
    • Kiseki no Koibana chapter 1 – A perfect story for Valentine’s Day~ Joint with Intercross and be sure to thank them as well!

    So there you go! Before we end this post, may the AE staff greet you all…


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Wonderful release time~
Thank you especially for Dokuhime.

Thank you so much for the new releases!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Many thanks and love for the releases!!!! Happy Single Awareness Day~

Any chance you could post Nevermore’s first 3 chapters of Xue Lian as well? Even getting through their 15-post requirement to access the download section doesn’t help much as their 1st chapter link is already dead. Can’t find it anywhere else either…

I’ve uploaded it to the Batoto online reader in the meantime. I’ll talk to craxx/Laca about putting the direct downloads up as well.

Thank you so much. ^_^

The download links should be up now if you didn’t notice.

Noticed, downloaded, and already read. :)

Happy Valentine’s day ! :)
Thank you.

Oh my gosh! So many treats! Thank you :)

Whee, Hapi Mari! Thank you!! 😀

Thank you <3

thanks for the bunch of release what a wonderful Valentine’s gift^^
premium belgian chocolate? no so rare to get when you live in Belgium *evil laugh* that’s me being petty since i spend Valentine’s day aloneTT_TT but hey, i still had a good evening: ate a lot of good stuff and chocolate for dessert.
Wishing you a good day:)

Thank you!!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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