The Uprising!


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Greetings from Aerandria’s resident evil overlord and horror translator, Mari.

The good old AE site is back and you find me lounging on a pile of bearskins and supervising my slightly disoriented, bruised and half-drowned penguins working double-time on new releases.

But maybe you wonder why the bearskin on top is with a pirate’s hat and an eye-patch?

Then let me tell you the story of a fearless, but undignified one-eyed bear pirate with bad drinking manners who invaded the sacred home of the cute, harmless and always busy AE penguins. This bad, bad bear overtook their site, enslaved some of them and forced the rest to walk the plank, usurped their fans and even stole their manga… But that wasn’t enough for him, oh, no. Drunk with power and non-alcoholic beer, he made one fatal mistake – instead of hoarding his gains and leaving, he stayed and dug deeply and greedily into the dark, mysterious underground mazes of Aerandria, hoping to find even more manga goodness, not heeding the rumors of a dark, all-powerful ancient evil sleeping somewhere in the depths, one that terrifies even its own people, the penguins. And thus, he stumbled upon… ME.

Imagine my heart-felt dejection upon awakening when I crawled out of the depths to find my penguins hanging from the coconut trees, tied up like squishy salami, their cute capital Penguinville brought down to smoking ruins! I thought I had taught them better. I thought I had trained them to withstand even rabid smut fangirls and yet… *sadly shakes head*

The skies darkened with my fury and thunder rolled over the heads of the doomed bear pirates, while I stretched out my giant black wings, together with my endless arsenal of curses, voodoo, instruments of torture, poison princesses and rock-heavy Japanese dictionaries…

But let us skip the gory details, much as I like them. Suffice it to say, my penguins were reminded of my wrath, hence the amazing speed of the new releases, the enemy was defeated and the website back to its normal white cuteness and proper grammar!

Also, because of the damage to the ship and goods that the One-Eyed Bear inflicted on our unsuspecting penguin crew, repair funds are needed so please consider helping us out with our dilemma! Every bit counts! Our cute penguins will do a dance number for you with joy! XD

Before anything else, here are a few shoutouts for everyone:

  • Looking for Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series. Apply~
  • Looking for Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Looking for Manga and magazine scanners~ Suggestions on new titles are welcome~ Please let us know~

You can enjoy a cup of delicately brewed tea and proper literary grammar with me while flipping through these series:

  • Phoenix Flames chapter 1 – A very aptly named chapter on the day we take back our site from those drunken pirates!
  • Kurobara Alice chapter 23 – Warning! This chapter is a shocker!!! Make sure you’re seated~
  • Ginsekai – A very nice one-shot from one of our favorite mangakas! ^_^
  • Iiki no Ki chapter 5 – What do you expect from the apocalypse? A bloody mess, that is! Many thanks to for the colored magazine scans~
  • Purple Eyes volume 8 – An entire volume release~ 2/3 of the series done~ Almost there!
  • Tao Tie Jie chapter 1 and 2 – A new series featuring a couple of bishies~
  • Oh! My Prince chapter 2 – Who wouldn’t have a hot guy best friend? >D

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great job you guys! hope you can pick up more works by Taamo-sensei. Shoujo no Melancholy has been dropped for a while now. *hint* haha. anyhoo, keep it up! you have the best editors out there! >.<

Thank you!

OMO, I loved what the bears did with the layout, black was so cool, but I love penguins more, thank you for your hard work aerandria penguins.

As fun as the bear pirate take-over was, seeing the penguins take it back is also nice =D. Thank you for the updates!

OMFG!!! kurobara thank u so much!!!!

the bear pirate site hijacking was scary!! xD As much fun as it was, I’m glad the old site is back. Thanks for taking it back and thanks again and always for all your hard work!!

Thank you very much for the releases ! ^o^

Great work like always:) Thanks for all the manga’s fans^^ kisu

Thank you for the release!

The undignified one-eyed bear pirate with bad drinking manners met a worthy foe!!! Good job recovering the penguins and the site! You rock!
Thanks for the release!

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