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429 downloads within 10 minutes of the release of Beast Master ch4 is going to cause server crash any way you look at it, people! Have some mercy…. *cries*

Note that there’s been a stampede on the Forum, too. Even the regular members of the forum got freaked out by the sheer number of strangers suddenly posting like crazy. ^^” Note that having 116 people (at the time of this posting) in the forum didn’t lag the server down but having 116 people download the same chapter at the same time does. Also, for anyone who is using download accelerators, please don’t. Not using it will ease the load on us.

*modulates voice*

This day, shall forever be etched in INFAMY, as the day where the quiet village of the Winglica Forum has been horrifyingly disrupted by hordes of screaming and rabid fangirls. We have images of the SHOCKING events right here. The villagers were astounded, shocked, and just basically weirded out at this display of ruthlessness just for the sake of a little boy named Leo. One wonders what will happen if he actually runs for President.

We advice all villagers to REMAIN CALM and to not leave their homes. Provoking the fangirls might result in some biting and clawing so please, when you see a fangirl, JUST LOOK AWAY. The proper authorities will be here shortly to round up these miscreants.

Stay tuned next for our invaluable announcement entitled “Survival Tips: When Fangirls Strike” to inform you what to do in case this menace happens to blight our peaceful village again.

Updated the Staffer Openings page.

And yes, good news, Serenus Dreamers will NOT be closing! \o/ Woot! But we’ll still take over our joints with them from before like Akuma to Dolce, Beast Master and Hachimitsu no Hana. But we’ll have Kiss/Hug as a joint in the future with SD~

On to the releases?

  1. Renri no Eda Part 2 – this part is such a cliffhanger… *whistles innocently and munches on pocky*
  2. I Can’t Sleep Alone chapter 2 – It hasn’t even been 24 hours and another release? Tsk, tsk… Welcome our new editor, Eveyean! \o/
  3. Gekka no Kimi chapter 16 + Extra – Awww… these two are such a cute couple X3 … this chapter also finished volume 4 for Gekka!
  4. Full House Kiss chapter 6 – This chapter is very, very interesting to me… or maybe it’s because I just have a dirty mind. >DD
  5. Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro chapter 16 – Yes! This finishes the gap in volume 2! On we’re on to fill the gap starting from chapter 44~
  6. Kindan no Koi de Ikou chapter 7 – Finally! We have released this! Many thanks to Asahina and Sakiera~ Watch out for more Ohmi Tomu releases in the next few days~~
  7. Barairo My Honey chapter 3 – Sakiera’s on an editing roll again…. I think all smut fangirls should worship her.. ^^
  8. Midnight Secretary chapter 11 – Warning! Excessive nosebleeds might occur from reading this chapter! XD Now the lot of you who keep searching “midnight secretary 11” on google can finally stop your obssessive streak. Yeah, we KNOW you search for it. Sakiera’s going to have a whole bunch of obedient minions after this. >D And did we forget to mention that the Ohmi Tomu releases this week are not yet finished? >DD
  9. Honey Hunt chapter 5 – I can see some of you jumping up and down now.. XDD
  10. Beast Master chapter 4 – LEO~~~~ Excuse us, while the staffers on this projects squeal our hearts out… ^^
  11. Kindan no Koi de Ikou chapter 8 – Brought to you by the crazy editor Sakiera, the wonderful Asahina and the workaholic me…. >D
  12. Renri no Eda Part 3 – Just one more part to go and we’re finished with this project! \o/
  13. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo chapter 1 – New project! Thanks to the staffers for their patience in this~ This is just a really cute story. No heavy drama and just plain cuteness. X3
  14. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro chapter 44 – Starting to fill in the gap in volume 6!

Sad, sad news. It’s just been announced that the title The Baby Merchant’s Story has been licensed in English and is scheduled for release on May 2008. The working English title for it is ‘Chronicles of the Grim Peddler.’ See the Amazon link here. Since we’re already working on chapter 1-2 of it, we’re still talking with SMM if we’ll release those chapters as a kind of preview for the series. We’ll be releasing chapters 1-2 before we officially drop this project (editors, please?). And just in case you guys wanted to know, we don’t scanlate licensed titles in Aerandria. ^^

I’ve made some little changes on the site and updated some plugins. But the major change would be the new Polls Archives page and the poll question.

—I’ve reset the poll—

Results of the last poll? Romance genre wins hands down, with the Smut genre following in close second. Dang smut fangirls… XD

And no matter how many times you ask us to release a new chapter of the certain series, it won’t make a difference. It won’t make us release any faster. We release when we can, when we have time. So commenting numerous times about it will just piss us off and have you banned. Want to help us release faster? Scan manga titles we have, learn japanese with at least 100 kanji characters, become a master in using Adobe Photoshop, or give us encouraging words. Otherwise if you’re just going to nag us about the next release, just don’t comment at all.

//edit 3
That makes an entire week of Once a Day Releases…. shall we go on for another week more? ^^

And I’ve also added a new page, called Extras where we feature stuff done by fans. Right now it features colored Midnight Secretary pages colored by Ookami Kasumi.

I’ve turned over ALL translations and raw scans of Midnight Secretary up to chapter 19 to our editor, Sakiera so releases for MS now will all depend on her. *avoids fangirl stampede* ^^ Many thanks to p-chan for providing us the scans for chapters 16-19. We’ll be waiting for the release of chapter 20 in Japan on April. >3

There you go, people! TWO WEEKS of Once A Day releases…. now…. *falls down to rest*

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