Subject 427 Retrieved


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We have captured Subject 427. This transforming bear-penguin evaded us for far too long… Lacaille (The name Subject 427 has become known by) escaped from our labs and began releasing manga to the masses. Her plan was to dominate the world with pretty covers. We had to stop her before it was too late… her progress was frightening.

However, this bear-penguin can not survive long without the medication the lab provides and thus has become sickly.

So in her moment of weakness, she was captured. With her in our hands, our experiments started back up to find the source of her mojo and the strange transformative powers… there might’ve been some poking with sharp objects involved. I mean… how could we resist?! Our research has shown that the transformation can happen in 0.08 second flat. Just imagine… the possibilities!

Please note that all of this is done in the spirit of research and that we are not, in any way, exacting revenge on our cute, cuddly, and frightening master. And yes, we kidnapped the penguin before you other 980 people could! HA! We even have proof! Look at that avatar. We captured her in bear form. Our secret agent (the barefoot kid) infiltrated her headquarters and successfully obtained the subject.

And that is why the releases were cut short for the week. Feel better Laca-sama! Rest up… there’s a lot more experiments *cough*pokingsharpobjects*cough* that have to be performed before you can start releasing again~

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legions of fangirls hope you feel better soon Lacaille…who else will keep the staff in line?

Get well soon!

I hope you get well soon, Lacaille!

ohh ur still not feeling good :(
i hope you get well soon Lacaille<3

Get well soon Lacaille. Lots of liquids, and all that.

Hope you feel better soon, Lacaille.

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