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Did you guys fall for our April Fool’s prank? Well, all I can say is that it’s your own fault for not reading the entire update post. I think I’m offended now that I know that most people don’t even read the entirety of what I write. ^^”

We now have an IRC channel! The IRC channel is and you can go to IRC and download the releases there. And we have our own bot for releases, thanks to Amaru so now all our releases can be downloaded there! Thanks for all the people there who taught me how to use IRC. So if anyone wants to learn how to use it (like me), you can go head over there by trying this tutorial.

On to the releases:

  1. Midnight Secretary chapter 12 – Oh, did we make your day today? Did we? Did we? ^o^ Sign up to become one of Sakiera’s minions then. >D
  2. Akuma to Dolce chapter 6 – I was going to release this tomorrow, in keeping in line with our Once a Day releases, but what the heck. Just consider this the release for tomorrow. XD
  3. Renri no Eda Part 4 + Omake – This finishes the series! Yes! *pumps fists* Another completed series! *hands out tissues* Try not to cry, everyone.
  4. Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 4 – Many, many thanks to Asahina and mholic~ \o/ Zen is just too cute, dang it. *noms on Zen*
  5. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo chapter 2 – And the cuteness never ends…. XDD
  6. Shibariya Komachi chapter 1b VERSION 2 – Blood and sweat went into this chapter; blood and sweat. Welcome our new translator, Deanna! \o/
  7. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen chapter 1 – We finally released it! Read this chapter full of MOE goodness! We highly recommend it! We have now established it as a fact that we love Ogura Akane works! Many thanks to Neko for scanning the first chapter for us and thanks to all those who asked to help out. Enjoy this wonderful chapter. Now if only I can finish QCing chapter 2…. ^^
  8. Barairo My Honey chapter 4 – Another great chapter from Ohmi Tomu-sensei! Fangirls rejoice!

MANY THANKS for all of last month’s donators! We’re still taking donations. Did you know that 4 manga books from amazon japan costs more than $70 for the entire package to ship to my country?! Sacrilege!

We need editors for the following series:

Become our slaves~ Current editors can email me if they want to take on any of these series. You can also go to our IRC channel to talk to me personally.

Thanks for everyone who applied for English Proofreader; the position has been filled. Thanks for the applications which brought color to our days. If you’re wondering why some of you didn’t get picked, here’s the reason why I haven’t replied to your email.

Again, some news. Shibariya Komachi has been licensed by Go! Comi. Since we’re currently editing the rest of volume 1 (and it’ll be too bad if we let the staffers’ work go to waste), we hope to release those chapters as a preview before the US version comes out. ^^

I’ll also need one fast scans cleaner; someone who cleans our raws for typesetting and one who thinks that gutter shadows are EVIL! Please apply!

Seeing as I was doing non-stop editing yesterday, it seems that I missed a couple of speech bubbles in Shibariya 1b so please download version 2. It’s the same link as before. Sorry for getting cross-eyed and missing those bubbles.

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Thnx for Barairo, I need it after the day I had today 😑



A lot cheaper than amazon usually

This is a great chapter, thank you so much for the latest release!!! πŸ˜€

Great releases this week! Zettai is excellent!

Ahhh! The tiger is SOOOOO cute!!!! Thanks for the excellent releases! You guys are awesome…. πŸ˜€

Tigers! Tigers! Tigers! Thank you!

Thanks for another chapter of Barairo my Honey!! :) As always, you scans are impeccable in grammar and editing (and I’ll assume translation as well). Thanks for all the hard work you put into your scanlations!

Enjoying the irc channel very much. Thank you for opening it and being so accessible. It really makes a difference.

πŸ˜‰ I just wanted to say thanks to all the work you guys do. I just love how you go from one theme to another. I always look forward in seeing what you release.

Yay!! I’m glad you were finally able to get ahold of the first chapter of Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen! I’m also a big fan of Ogura-sensei’s workÒ€”ever since reading that one shot Ousama Game (ahh, that was years ago!!) Thank you thank you for working on it!!

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