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Yes, you’ve heard it right. We’re going to give you releases on every single day for the whole month of June. Why? Because it’s our anniversary month! Aerandria is turning one-year old on June 10! \o/ So, as our thanks to everyone who supported us, we’ll be doing Once A Day releases of a chapter (or two) for the entire month of June and a mass release on June 10th itself! A lot of series will end this month, but we’ll also start on a lot of new titles! We’ll be doing some little changes on the site every day till we launch the new layout so watch out for that. Also, every release will now have the nifty Anniversary image included in it which features our Upcoming title, Hanatsuki Hime! Many thanks to all the staffers who made all the releases for this month possible, even though it was their exam month. Thank you! Many thanks for all of your support! *bows*

We’re also taking suggestions on possible Future Projects!

Recruiting time!

  1. Donate a little to help us out with our expenses. It basically means more manga for you guys~
  2. Join our staff! We’re currently looking for editors!
  3. Scan manga for us! Contact us to learn of what you can contribute. ^^
  4. And we’re looking for a Japanese translator who doesn’t mind translating SMUT! We’re thinking of picking up some more smut series. X3

On to the releases!

  1. Midnight Secretary chapter 15 – We finally find out what our arrogant vampire has been up to. ^^ Join our IRC channel! Let’s break the peak record!!!
  2. I Can’t Sleep Alone chapter 6 – Back to back releases from our joints with Celestial Scans~
  3. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 4 – Cuteness in every chapter.
  4. Kuroneko Guardian – A cute one-shot by Izumi Asuka, mangaka of Tokage Ouji and Himegimi no Tsukurikata! A very nice read! ^^
  5. B-EYES chapter 2 – Our dangerous and enigmatic boys are back and… undressing girls?! O_o
  6. Billion Princess chapter 1 – We’re re-releasing chapter 1 today; a version 2. This one incorporates the Chinese names of the characters, plus some minor changes. And no, we’re not cheating on the Once a Day release by re-releasing a chapter. We’re also releasing chapter 2 of this series today. ^^
  7. Dr. Rabbit – A one-shot done by Ogura Akane, same mangaka as Mademoiselle Butterfly and Zettai Heiwa. Again, cuteness. \o/
  8. Barairo My Honey chapter 6 – They go on a date… and… what does a motel have anything to do with this?! *gasps*
  9. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo chapter 8 – Another cute chapter from our devils and angels.

Released version 2 of B-Eyes with the missing pages included. ^^

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Thanks for every single release so far! I’ve read ALL of them (except one) and loved them all.

Again, thanks so much for all of your hard work and happy anniversary! <3

Thanks for this releases-rain, i love you guys! Happy Anniversary!
Too bad i can’t vote n the poll for Akaku Saku Koe, that’s the one i await most from your future projects :)

I saw your poll and I had to post and express how totally stoked I am about all these upcoming projects! They all look freaking awesome! I cannot wait! It was so hard to choose just one!! (but I chose Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata. I’m so excited that you all are picking this up!) Much love to Aerandria! Please stay for many more years to come!

New poll!!! Oh, how exciting! I voted for Suzuki Julietta’s new series, because she is always so much fun and coolness. But if I could choose two, the other would be Akuma ga Hallelujah. I didn’t even realize Kikuchi Kamaro had another book out, but she is so awesome too!! Oh, I’m so excited 😀 Yay~yay~yay. Okay, enough of my fangirling. Thank you for taking those on as future/upcoming projects <3 Aerandria is just so amazing!!

ahh lol so werid i was just hoping last night that barairo my honey would be todays release aerandria must be psychic you rock :smile:


’nuff said.

MS, kyaaaa !! Hachimitsu no Hana, KYYAAAA !! Barairo My Honey KYYYYYAAAAAA !!!!
Thanks a lot, and happy birthday !

Wow, congratulation for turning 1 year old, Thank you for finding time to give us releases on everyday! I’m really loves you guys! *hugs* ^^. 😀

Dr. Rabbit? sounds cute! Thank you :smile:

Aww, more Ogura Akane 😀 Yay! Thanks for another cute-cute oneshot!!

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