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So the holidays are over and we’re back to reality once again. Back to work or school and the daily grind. If you’re like me, you got a little extra something from the holidays, more than you wanted. I am refusing to look at the extra pounds I most likely got from eating all of that good food during the holidays. How can they expect us to refuse all those food, meat, desserts, pasta, sweets, salads, fruits and all that good stuff?! And when you woke up after all the festivities were over, you noticed you seemed to move slower than usual.

So, my conclusion is… those pounds don’t exist, I tell ya! They don’t! *puts on an invisibility cloak over them* There’s more room in this invisibility cloak if anyone wants to join me in this pounds denial.

And to distract you further, we’re starting our releases week again today~! But first, staff recruitment! Please consider applying to join our staff so you can get your favorite releases faster~

  • Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series.
  • Experienced Chinese to English translators
  • Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Manga and magazine scanners~ Suggestions on new titles are welcome~ Please let us know~

On to the releases~

(Side note: The December release weeks pushed us pass our 1200 released chapters mark! As well as 150 completed projects. Though, please keep in mind, that’s really 71 one-shots and 79 series. So uh… woo-hoo!)

We just wanted everyone to know that AE has started uploading all our releases to Batoto, an online reader. You can go and read them online there! Remember we have a 36 hours delay policy with Batoto so you will have to wait a bit for new releases to be available. Direct/irc downloads will be available right away as usual. We hope you enjoy! Links to reading online can be found in most project pages.

We’re still working on uploading all our series and making sure all the links are correct, so bear with us.

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Thank you very much for Shounen Dolls. Since – as far as I remember – it only had chapters in translation, it really surprised when you released a new chapter, but it really made my day. You guys are the best!
Congrats for having more than 1200 releases and 150 projects!
Oh, and as for those nasty unwanted pounds you gained during the holidays, I think I have a way better solution for you for that than an invisibility cloak: You can can just give me what you don’t need. Since I’m a girl with the unusual problem of actually needing to GAIN weight and not louse, I believe it would be a really nice solution with which both of us could only win. 😉

Thank You for the releases [^v^]

You guys are doing a lot of work….make sure to get rested too!

thanks for the releases and constant efforts to try to make us more happier than we are thanks to you. i dont personally view the scans online (since i prefer downloading them) but in case someday i change my mind i’ll know that you girls have a online system.
have a nice week^^

I personally don’t like online readers much either and prefer to download my releases. I guess it’ll just be an alternative for those that do like online readers.

Well, since I’m type who practically almost unable to delete something once she has downloaded it, I’m one of those people who generally prefer reading manga online, and download only what they really like. So I on my part really am happy about you guys at AE uploading your projects onto Batoto, and letting those like myself to read your releases without having to download them. Thank you very much!

Wow! That’s amazing!!! Already over 1200 released chapters!!!

Did you ever think you will make it this far?

My love and hugs to all AERANDRIA-Staff!!!!

Honestly it’s hard to comprehend that many chapters done…

Thank you for the releases! 😀 I’d kidnap Kousei in a heartbeat… I love alpha males! 😛

Congrats on passing 1200 released chapters! :)
Thank you so much for your hard work!

Thanks for the release!

Thank you so much for the new chapter of Dokuhime!~ <3 xD

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