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Sneak Attack!

*Ninja poof in*

Where have we been? Oh? You didn’t even notice we were gone? This speaks greatly of our unit’s skills then. Anyway, you see… this year we decided to have a little fun. During this month, a certain someone’s birthday occurs (no wonder she likes this month). Instead of doing the usual “It’s your birthday… on your birthday! Surprise!” We instead decided to disappear, poof—gone. In short and in typical AE fashion, we decided to be sadistic and mysteriously disappear on the exact day of her birthday only to return at a future unknown date.

We could only guess what Lacaille’s reaction was from our sudden disappearance. Perhaps, “Hey! Where’d everyone go… and why did they disappear on my birthday? Suspicious.” or maybe “No chocolates this year? [insert appropriate sad emoticon]”

But now… it is TIME! Time to chuck cupcakes and flaming candles at Lacaille in celebration of her birthday and all that hard work she puts into the group. Of course we will also, once again, gift her with our presence and presents. Aren’t we the best staff ever? *Ninja poofs out*

-A mysterious package appears in the cloud of smoke left after the poofing-

SNPU (Sneaky Ninja Penguin Unit)

  • Black Coffee Oneshot – I drink coffee with tons of sugar and milk. Like TONS. I don’t think it’s even considered coffee anymore.
  • Flower Crown Oneshot – Flowers, thorns, and a pretty boy… it could almost be kinky.
  • Seishun Limited Oneshot – Childhood friend, a girl next door and a teacher?
  • Purple Eyes Volume 06 – Panther transformation continues… I still can’t believe Odagiri is dead. T^T
  • BlindxDoll Oneshot – Hmm… I have a feeling of how it ends, but, it’s not fair!
  • Ruri no Kaze ni Hana wa Nagareru Chapter 7 – Minami is back! Oops, is this is a spoiler? >D
  • Houou Gakuen – Misoragumi Chapter 11-12 – Officially dropped due to licensed.

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Happy B-day!! I wish you get a lot of present. ^^

Thank you for the releases, and all the hard work! (cant wait for volume 7 of purple eyes)

Happy birthday Lacaille!

Happy belated birthday and congratulations to all the purveyors of fine smut at Aerandria!!!

Happy Birthday Lacaille! (I’m late, but it still counts right?) I hope you had a great birthday.

Wow..it’s been a long time since I’ve dropped by Aerandria but I’m still impressed that this group is as lovely as ever.
What luck! I managed to stop by just in time (fashionably late) to wish Lacaille a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It was very sweet of this group surprise her; and a great prank as well!
Hope Aerandria continues to go on for many years to come –don’t let this hobby become stressful guys!
When you see how many projects you guys have already completed, you should all feel proud =D

Glad you dropped by again and thank you for the support. Sometimes I look at the completed list and can’t believe it either. Can’t imagine reading all the work that we’ve done…

Happy birthday Lacaille! :3

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