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Ola guys and dolls!

We have our fanlistings, our own forum, manga scanlation site and fanfiction based website.

Then Licorne and I went, why not cater to some bishie love?

And so here it is, the new website under the Winglica-Aerandria wing, Bishounen Wiki! A wiki site made specifically for bishounen loooooove!

URL: http://bishounenwiki.com

So to all anime and manga fans out there, show your love to your beloved bishounen by making a shrine… *cough* I mean page of everything you know about him. XD Be simple but informative but most of all… HAVE FUN!

If there be any questions, suggestions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to send your questions here. Or you can reply to this thread

Have fun you guys!

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Hohoho I’ll advertise this! Definitely! 8D

If that looks like to me a good idea.
I wait it fences in them very well ^^.
I wish the better thing them

hello!! :) Can you add my site to one of your fanlistings? shoujoxmanga.wordpress.com thanks!! :)

Thank you everyone!

Of course, to make the bishie wiki site successful we will need everyone’s participation in it. So use all that bishie love and help us start make the character pages! 😀

Wuff wuff!

We really enjoy what you write on here. I try and visit it every day so keep up the good work!

Three words; y e s!!!

…Oh my. It’s another site for me to stalk. D:

*instantly bookmarks*

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