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We would like to thank the generous offerings of good will concerning Lacaille’s mojo, as well as the many, uhh, donations? Yeah, donations of mojo from the fans.  *quickly sweeps the mojo stripped souls toward the floordrain* Muahahaha… I’m sure Lacaille appreciates the SACRIFICES the staff has made on her behalf.  And seeing as how it’s her birthday and all, we figured a heaping helping of mojo would be the perfect gift.  COME! Grovel in awe with us as we show our puny mortal attemps at adulation!  And for those brave *coughMASOCHISTICcough* souls that pledge undying loyalty to her by joining the staff, she will surely shower you with all the love she can lash at you.

On to the offerings of the mortal denizens!

Yum: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACAILLE~! May your day be filled with joy, fun (this has no hidden meaning), cake … and more cake!

Suyara: For your birthday,
I hope you get all your wishes.
Love, friendship, hugs,
and lots of bishie kisses!

Shadow_Chick: Happy birthday, fellow September baby!

vcrazygirl: Happy b-day Lacaille! I hope that you have a great day and many new manga chapter to read, with sexy bishies and many girls with swords xD

Oni: Laca-sama, it’s your birthday. We’re going to party like it’s your birthday. *_*

Adrift: Hope you have a great birthday! You deserve it for all the hard work you put into this group~ -Hands Laca a white choco cashew cookie-

nightmaresky: Happy Birthday!

craxx: *snores* Happy – *snores* Birth – *snores* da – *snores* y… La – *snores* ille – *snores* ZZZZzzzzZZZZ *pokes Haris* Chwama! -insert picture here-

Ame: Happy birthday!

Kio: Happy Birthday! And may all your bishies come true!

Daffyd: WHAT DO I WISH FOR THE GIRL WHO HAS ELLIPSES? AND PENGUINS? AND PIRATES? AND FAN-GIRLS? I wish for Lacaille to have a holster for her ellipses, ice blocks for her penguins, more chocolate, a patch for the leak on her pirate ship, sensible coherent fangirls and a long and happy life.

Yuzuki: Wishing Laca-sama a Happy Birthday and to many years to come of enduring the pokings!

Isen:  May all your bishies be 3D ^^

Jessa:   Happy Birthday, L! *Hands over a pirate-bishie wrapped in a bow and a large slice of chocolate cake*. I hope you greatly enjoy your birthday and have many more to come!

NOTE: I understand that the download links aren’t working. I probably botched something up. We’ll work on this problem, hopefully it’ll be fix by tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Adrift

You see what Lacaille demands now? You understand our undying devotion? *Pats Adrift* Poor thing worked almost all night to put these up. Please, please consider joining us so that scenes like this won’t have to be repeated…
By the way, the links are working now. -Isengaurd.

(You may have to clear your cache in order to refresh the links)
  1. Moujyuu wa Ori no Naka Happy Birthday, Lacaille!
  2. Hapi Mari chapter 7 – Thanks to midnight scans and atty for working so hard to get this ready for Laca’s b-day!
  3. Ruri no Kaze ni Hana wa Nagareru chapter 3 – What’s that I hear? Is that our fearless leader’s fangirl scream? Operation Mojo: Success.

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Happy Birthday Lacaille-san!!!Wish u all the best!

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu Lacaille-san!
*hands a huge choc moist cake & a huge plush penguin 2 Lacaille-san*
Hope all yr dreams & wishes come true & God bless yr soul & other Aerandria’s staffs’ for working really hard!
Love yr work & all d best 4 d future!

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