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Yesterday, I was cleaning out the staff room when, all of a sudden, I stumbled upon some staffers. There were three of them, all unaware of my presence (The disappearing ninja skills come with the position…). I was downwind from them and covered in head to toe with cobwebs and cheesecake crumbs. As I crept closer to them, I noticed that they were all occupied with their mop swords. They swung at the on-sale Easter candy and gobbled up peeps to keep up their energy. I quietly made a note to myself to never hand staff weapons until after their chapters are turned in.

I took a deep breath and charged forward. My whip disarmed all three of them. I targeted one and immobilized him with my whip. I turned towards the second staffer and pinned her down with my pitchfork. With the second secured tightly to the wall, I headed towards my final victim. My arms tensed as I prepared to launch the weapon at hand. I heard a thump and subsequently found the last staffer on the floor underneath my Buster Sword. I swoop down on all three of them to grab their chapters. I then picked up a mop sword and began sweeping the floor. How on earth did the whole floor become covered in midtones, dirt, chocolate, sugar, and crumbs?

Enough with this “Behind the Scenes” mumbo-jumbo. Pay no mind to the helpless staffers~ On to the releases!

  1. Another Kingdom chapters 7 and 8 – Another finished project~ \o/ Many thanks to Enchantment Scans for working on us with this project!
  2. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 5 – And the plot thickens~

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adrift, i have to say that i love that story! very funny ^_^ you should write kids’ books or really anything. :mrgreen:

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