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Yesterday, I was cleaning out the staff room when, all of a sudden, I stumbled upon some staffers. There were three of them, all unaware of my presence (The disappearing ninja skills come with the position…). I was downwind from them and covered in head to toe with cobwebs and cheesecake crumbs. As I crept closer to them, I noticed that they were all occupied with their mop swords. They swung at the on-sale Easter candy and gobbled up peeps to keep up their energy. I quietly made a note to myself to never hand staff weapons until after their chapters are turned in.

I took a deep breath and charged forward. My whip disarmed all three of them. I targeted one and immobilized him with my whip. I turned towards the second staffer and pinned her down with my pitchfork. With the second secured tightly to the wall, I headed towards my final victim. My arms tensed as I prepared to launch the weapon at hand. I heard a thump and subsequently found the last staffer on the floor underneath my Buster Sword. I swoop down on all three of them to grab their chapters. I then picked up a mop sword and began sweeping the floor. How on earth did the whole floor become covered in midtones, dirt, chocolate, sugar, and crumbs?

Enough with this “Behind the Scenes” mumbo-jumbo. Pay no mind to the helpless staffers~ On to the releases!

  1. Another Kingdom chapters 7 and 8 – Another finished project~ \o/ Many thanks to Enchantment Scans for working on us with this project!
  2. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 5 – And the plot thickens~

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omg… I occasionally visit your web hoping to find these kind of things lol! you made my day with that behind the scenes lol

That was incredibly entertaining, lol. XD Thanks for the hard work and great releases everyone!

Thank you for retrieving the chapters from staffers, Adrift. Good job everyone.

hahaha that was a funny story. thanks!

Is that the only way to grab chapters from the staff? Do they not want them pried from their cobwebby, cheesecake crumbly fingers? 😆 In any case, thanks for the new releases, Another Kingdom looks real attractive.
BTW, I left a question on your Himegimi no Tsukurikata page. It seemed to end abruptly. Did the publisher cancel the series?
Oh, also in case you haven’t heard this enough, great job you guys doing. I can always count on Aerandria for quality releases.

Thanks for the great releases. Much appreciation. ^^

Thank you very much for the releases!
I have to say, I was definitely drawn in by your little narration there.


adrift, your ‘behind the scenes’ entertained me quite a bit :]
very thankful for your imagination

thanks to staffers for the beauuuuuutiful releases! congrats on completing another project! woot!

It’s always very entertaining to read your posts. <3

(And the mess on the staff room floor… I had no hand in it… *cough* Just so we’re clear…~ lol)

Adrift, you are quite the storyteller lol. Enjoying work much? haha

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