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I know, I know. I’ve received mass comments and emails about this chapter, so here you go. I hope all those people who email, comment, and search for this chapter on the internet endlessly finally can give us some well deserved rest from their incessant badgering and poking. I don’t think a restraining order and 4 bodyguards will work on the fans, though. XDD Here we are to release, chapter 14 of Midnight Secretary! \o/ IRC-release only for the first 24 hours. C’mon, guys, greet us at IRC and chat! I’ve even put in an IRC Guide page. Donators, you know where to get your direct-download link.

We’re hiring at Aerandria again and here are the following positions available!

  1. Korean Translators – yes, we’re picking up one horror/supernatural manhwa series and we need Korean translators for it!
  2. Editors – experienced and committed applicants only, please!
  3. Cleaners who are meticulous with their work.
  4. Typesetters who are fast! ^^

Please use the Contact Form to apply! Join our team and help us bring more manga out there!

Oh, yes. And a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! ^^

Just another sneaky release here, chapter 128 of Neuro. Our credits page is getting weirder and weirder. ^^

Calling all kind-hearted souls! We are here to beg again. T_T If anyone of you has the November 2007 issue of Lala DX and willing to scan a one-shot for us, we’d be eternally grateful. *bows* Please? ^^

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Thanks for the new MS chapter–can’t wait to find out what the director has been up to!

I tried asking my parents for permission to buy it…but they still didn’t give in T___T
I just have the February 2008 issue but I guess that won’t really help ^^”
anyways thx for all your awesome releases!

OMG! Thank you, thank you! I felt like I was starving while I waited for the next chapter. You guys are the best. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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