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Here’s another straightforward post. I have this mix feelings these past few months and since I can’t go to each of you to say it, I’ll just say it here.

First and foremost, we’re most grateful to all the staff who still stick with us over these few months and all new staff who has been offering their help. Very much appreciated. I wish we can have a celebration week to celebrate the staff and release their favorite series before I’ll be busy again. We’ll see. XDD.

To our old staff, we know there are still much left chapters that you guys have worked and not yet released. We’re trying our best to look over them with the time we have, so please bear with us a little longer. ^^

To all donators who donate, thank you so much. With that, we’re able to buy raws. 😀 I think I’ve updated the donators list. To those who I left out, please leave us a message and we’ll include you in the list.

To those who sent in their applications and tests, we’re really sorry for replying late. We’ll try our best to reply asap.

Whiners, if you read this, in one of these days there’ll be a release you all been waiting for (most of you, I think) buried in IRC somewhere. I guess, that’s the price you pay, at least. *whistles innocently*

And lastly, we need more help! So please contact us and join! All positions are open. But please read carefully about the positions and choose. ^^

  • Purple Eyes Volume 5 – :O Can I think that he didn’t die, after all?
  • Shounen Dolls Chapter 9 – This chapter is dedicated to all Yukinosuke fans! Don’t forget to fan yourselves!
  • Sora Log Chapter 9 – He’s delinquent, he cooks with ponytail, do housechores and plays piano! Ship him for me, please! Rawr!
  • Isshoni Ofuro Volume 1 – We keep our promise~ 3rd place of the poll~ Cute stories of Taamo <3
  • Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! Chapter 18 – It’s given she’d be shocked by your appearance. *hides* the best comment I can do since I don’t read this from the beginning. =p
  • Kurobara Alice Chapter 16 – I’m so bothered by the hat XDDDDD;;;
  • Hapi Mari Chapter 15 – The moment you’ve all been waiting for! (I think)

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FINALLY HAVE TIME TO CHECK THE SITE! AWWW, thank you SO SO MUCH for the new releasesssss! I am so happy!

there’s another group scanlating sensei, btw o___o but either way, THANKS FOR ALL THE RELEASES <3

Which sensei are you talking about?

Thank u for Hapi Mari!!!!!!!!!!!
i really like this manga.
acctualy thks for every release

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