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First off, many thanks to all the donators, scanners and basically everyone else who make all these releases possible. The outpouring of help for our group is overwhelming, thank you! I haven’t emailed those who passed the English Proofreader tests so please be patient!

Lots of releases today, but some of those will be released via my amazing ninja powers! They’ll be added here and released when you are least aware of it. So be wary. And afraid, very afraid. >D Why? Because most likely the server will be @#$%&! again by the fangirls and fanboys (Gah, they’re EVERYWHERE! O_O)

On to the releases!

  1. Ludwig Kakumei chapter 12 + Omake- It’s either Ludwig has freakishly small feet… or Aschen’s feet are humongous.. you decide. The omake features the real stories behind the fairy tales for this series.
  2. Full House Kiss chapter 8 – Thanks Razril and Amy! And how come Mugi gets hugged by all the guys? XP
  3. B-EYES chapter 1 – New series! And Shiomi Chika strikes again! Gah, 75 pages for one freakishly long chapter… O_O
  4. Tenshi no Hane to Akuma no Shippo chapter 7 – And the cuteness continues…

The hidden release? Beast Master chapter 5! We’ve skipped the extra story in Volume 1 in the meantime. Long story… >.> And chapter 9 of Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume! Enjoy!

Another new series? *gets killed* Erm, yes… this has been in Upcoming for a while but now it’s released. The Bride of Adarshan chapter 1 is a really cute and INNOCENT series. Yes, innocent and clean. Despite the fact that the girl is only 10 years old. Leave your perversions out the door, please. ^^

And a little chapter to brighten up your weekend. Gekka no Kimi chapter 18! \o/

Random Question: Do you know how many releases we’ve had (excluding the version 2s) since we opened? >DDD

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I think around 200 releases!

Thank you!

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