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And we’re back! And we have a new home! Many thanks to Noula for making this miracle possible!!! *hugs and cookies*

You may notice that some things are missing and that’s because we’re using an old version of the database so some project pages and downloads may not be up to date yet. We ask your patience while we make the changes. Thank you!

For the stalkers:

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hi your sit is extremely nice… hapi mari manga is such a nice one, i was able to get raws up to chapter 16… i was wondering if you and the others might be able to translate it? i could pass it to you… more powers on your blog… :)

woahhh finally u back!!! miss u!!


This may seem overdramatic but I seriously went into depression when you guys dissappeared. Sorry that this message is late but I missed and love you guys <<<<3

yeah you are back! I missed you so much…
hang on iin there!

Whoa I don’t remember the ” For the Stalkers ” links being there. o_o

YAY nice to see you guys back 😀 i love reading about your interactions with each other XD;; besides all of your releases!

OMG!!!!! Welcome back u guys!!! I miss Aerandria soooo much!
*wiping tears of joy*
Can’t wait for more awesome manga from u guys!
*getting ready with stalking gears*


Welcome back

I know it’s a week late, but welcome back!!

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