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Releases for today? No kidding! Well, we currently have a lot of chapters in QC stages, including some new series and hopefully we’ll get to release those before the weekend. Before the releases let me just say first that we are still in need of japanese translators, including one translator for translating free talks and extra pages ONLY. We don’t mind if you take more than 2 weeks to complete a chapter, just as long as you’re consistent with submitting and don’t go missing.^^ And we’re willing to train those with no experience in translating manga. Just pick a series you want from our Future Projects page. Also please help us out with our Donations. Thank you!

Now for the releases. We’re starting volume 2 of Blue Ramun with chapter 6 today. Check it out! It includes the new credits page that Mirai^ made for us. We did say we’ll change Credit pages every 50 releases, yes? It’s so adorable! Thanks, michan!

For the smut-lovers smut fix, here’s chapter 5 for Midnight Secretary. Yes, we’re on to the second volume already! \o/ Many thanks to Mari for the amazingly fast translations!

As for the polls, the Romance category is winning against the Smut genre. Wow. Have the Smut-Lovers been overwhelmed?! *gasps*

Another new series! It’s Akagami no Shirayuki-hime! It literally means ‘red-haired Snow White.’ *sits beside Asahina and mholic together in a happy daze* The staffers who worked on this chapter are all going “Kyaaa~~~.” It’s a cute one, involving princes, castles and all things involving fairy tales. Yes, I’m a sucker for those stories. I just can’t help myself. X3 Good thing the staffers are inflicted with the same addiction. ^^

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you guys are so awesomely quick! thanks for the great work! 😀

Thanks for another great chapter of Midnight Secretary!! It was very deliciously sexy! I’m so happy we weren’t left hanging this time around. Smut is just a more mature form of romance, so we smut lovers should not feel too bad about the polls. We’re all winners…except for the action voters-sorry guys there’s always Bleach and Naruto to fill that void <3

*chokes* Puh-leaseeeeeeee put out a new Blue Ramun chapter! This one was great–and I have to know moooooreeee~!

<3 thankies

that was by far the best chapter of midnight secretary! thank you sooo much for releasing!

thank you for the release (i really love midnight secretary !!!! thank you for your work 😀

Love for the smut lovers~~~!!! ^o^

Thank you so very much for the new Midnight Secretary. I’ve been on pins and needles wanting to know what happens next.

Thank you very much for the new release!!

Thank you so much for your release of Midnight Secretary! One of my favorite series that you guys work on! Thanks for all of your hard work! I voted for smut, too… you darn romance lovers! 😉

Thanks a lot for this release! I did vote for the smut category, it’s so bad that the romance category won, though I like romance manga as well!Better if there is some smut in it!

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