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Today we celebrate one of our senior staffers’ birthday, claymaven! -throws the confetti- Happy Birthday, clay! May you have more dark, brooding and sexy bishies in your years to come! \o/ Share some with us from time to time. XD

To celebrate her birthday, we thought it was about time for a new look, so here we are with the new site design. If the last one’s theme was simple and elegant, this one’s theme is minimal and cutesy. It’s all done to reduce the server load since the last crash. It’s titled Penguin Power and was made by Michan, Suyara and I. ^^ Can you guys guess where the penguin was first seen here in Aerandria? XD

Speaking of penguins, there was a lot of grumpiness from the staff recently because the Smut Faery choice won on the recent polls (check out the new poll, too). I, for one, wanted the penguins to win. Street protests ensued among the staff, more prominently involving these staff members. -imagines a group of penguins being lead by a pirate teddy bear-

We need more staffers! We need more Japanese translators for our series (current/upcoming/future) so just tell us which titles you’re willing to work on. We’re also taking in part-time Japanese translators for various smut one-shots (remember Ikenai Candy? -winks-)

And we begin the week’s releases again for clay~

  1. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 8 – Ohh~ I can’t… put in… spoilers… ;_; Just read it~ <3
  2. Billion Princess chapter 11 – More bishies!
  3. Ruri no Kaze ni Hana wa Nagareru chapter 2 – Bishies with swords! *__*
  4. Shounen Dolls chapter 5 – Bishie dolls… that come to life… hey… how come all the bishies come out on clay’s bday? XD
  5. Akaku Saku Koe chapter 11 – One more chapter to go~
  6. Dokuhime chapter 1 – There you go, clay~ Another horror series that you like so much XD
  7. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume chapter 21 – Last one for clay~ And also a belated Happy Birthday to Intercross’ staff, Nica-chan!

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Yay I’ve been waiting for Dokuhime! Thank you so much for your hard work, Aerandria! <3

thank you Aerandria!

i’ll be training my heart by reading your shoujo horror series! i hope i wont faint too many times in the process ^^”

I enjoyed the art and the story of Dokuhime. I’m looking forward to reading more. Thanks for your hard work!

Ooh! thanks for the releases~ taking dokuhime (waiting longingly, esp with the anni month teaser) and akaku.
yup the site is slow for some of us cos the typhoon in taiwan knocked out some cables. hope everyone is ok!

Whoa, the new series is horror! ;_; But the story seems interesting, so I think I’ll try~ *heart* Thanks!

I LOVE YOU!!!!! Finally, my baby Dokuhime is out!!! *endless pink hearts*

YEY!!! Aerandria is back! I think aerandria crashed last night. I couldn’t access the site.

Thanks for the update!

Hehe..have I mentioned how much I like reading your updates? I come back to check those as much as the releases. I like the grumpy penguin staffer (aka not-a-smut-faery :P) pic!

Thank you Akaku Saku Koe!

Whoa, I couldn’t access the site an hour ago… o_o I thought something went wrong again… ;_; Good thing nothing happened, though~ x3 Thanks for the new release! <3

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