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So all of you got to see the ingeniousness of the Aerandria staffers recently in pulling off my birthday surprise. You’ve heard their side of the story, now you get to hear mine. Those days were full of suspicious glances and constant stealth. But, their stealth was no match for the ninja master. *maniacal laughter* They didn’t yet know the principle that too much stealth can cause suspicion and will just bring more attention… Ah, you have much to learn, my disciples…

You can go here to read the full account of my birthday surprise and the stealthiness of the staff. I think I was even accused of being late for my own birthday party surprise… How I managed that, I don’t know… Everything started getting fuzzy after they brought out the cheesecake~

*hugs the staff* I couldn’t have asked for better people be work with and be around with~ *awards the Sneaky Ninja Penguin Unit the prestigious Awesomely Awesome Staff Award* And… *cracks whip* Now off to work! We need more bishies!

Also, we currently need more editors to help us with our releases~ And we also need some chinese translators~ We have TONS of beautiful and interesting titles just waiting to be edited and drooled upon by some bishie-loving editor~ So, please join us and apply~ We accept trainees who are patient and willing to learn~

On to the releases~

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Hahah, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thank you so much for all of these releases! Especially Hapi Mari. You are all so great and your work is excellent. Thank you for all that you do!!!!

Belated Happy Birthday, Kachou-samaaaa~ ‘ U ‘

I ruv yoooooo~

Thanks again for the great releases. I appreciate both the short and long series that you do. I really enjoy the short series and one-shots for those days when I don’t have much time to spare, but need to relax. The longer series give me something to look forward to!

thank you for the releases. just so you know sometimes I come to the site just to make a penguin dancedance revolution.

Thank you very much~ These came around midterm time and are the rescue that is needed during exam time =D

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