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*peeks* It’s been a while since I saw my avatar here even though I was just always lurking around. ^^ Many thanks to those people who gave newborn babies, all kinds of sweets, and various displays of affection. Thank you for hunting me down in IRC. XDD

We’ll be starting the Once a Day release thing again today and we’ll probably finish 3 titles this week! Whoo! *pats the Completed list*

For any scanlation groups out there who’d like to take over these projects for us, please inform us using the Contact form so we can give you scans and translations for these.

  • Hai ni Naru Made* – Scans and proofread translation Turned over to Shoujo Crusade
  • Anata ja Naito – Scans Turned over to Covenant of Darkness
  • Puri x Puri – Himegimi wa Oujisama – Scans of volume 1 Turned over to Tempted-Angels group
  • Pretty in Blue – Scans Turned over to Covenant of Darkness
  • Osuteki Daarin volume 2 – Scans and proofread translations. Yes, we’ll be dropping the series after we’ve released the last installation in volume 1. Turned over to World of Creation
  • Musubiya Nanako* – Scans and proofread translations Turned over to NCIS
  • Genji Monogatari – Scans till completed volume 2 and proofread translation Turned over to World of Creation
  • The Baddest – Scans till completed volume 3 Turned over to Iskultrip Scans

We only ask that you credit the people responsible in the scanning, translating, etc. and you work on the series promptly. Please don’t ask us when you have no plan on working on these or just want to put them in your back burner.

*These are joint projects so we’ll probably connect you to the other group to reinstate the joint.

On to the releases:

  1. Kindan no Koi de Ikou volume 4 extra chapter 2 – Has Yato gone Lolicon? *gasps* It was pre-released in IRC yesterday. ^^
  2. Shounen Dolls chapter 2 – Hmmm… both Leo and Yuki getting wet… in a nearby pond! What did you think I was talking about?! >]
  3. Private Prince volume 5 – YES! Another series finished! We know you rabid fangirls will storm the site asap, so we’ll put the releases on IRC for a while. ^^ Many thanks to Operation Boredom for finishing this joint project with us! ^^
  4. Koizora volumes 1 and 2 – Two volumes at once! We hope everyone will enjoy this new project ^_^
  5. Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake chapters 1 to 5 – Another completed series! \o/ Yes! Go in at the Bishie Cafe~-
  6. Barairo ma Hani La vie d’ amour chapter 11 – Hmmm… Mikage…
  7. Kaze no Yubiwa to Hikari no Udewa – A cute fantasy one-shot by Kawase Natsuna~

And if you guys didn’t notice, yes, you got FOUR complete volumes this week! XD Aren’t you spoiled? >]

And we’re still recruiting people! Read our previous post on what we need! ^^

And we’re in need of people who subscribe to various manga magazines who are willing to scan for us. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you!!! _(_ _)_

Hey~ Wet hair won in the polls?! Really? That was unexpected… anyway, a new poll. We want your opinions on it~

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I know! I love completed projects *____*

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done!!! *dances around* :mrgreen:

Thanks for all the releases–I have so much to catch up on now. (Prince Will… 😳 )

You guys are the BESTBEST!! :mrgreen:

Wow. So much manga being released. You guys are crazy! I love it though 😀 Koizora looks really really interesting and I enjoyed the “Great Waiters” oneshot I read years ago so it’ll be neat to read the rest of the book! Thanks so much~~

o_O Two volumes at once?! Thank you sooooooo muchhhh~~~~ <3

Thankies 😀 *hands over a soul and rolls around in a pile of spoils*

thanks of the releases

Well, glad to see the release of Koizura, little sad about the way you guys went about it. On the other hand, maybe Willful Muse should threaten to do more projects on your upcoming or future projects list. Since it seems to spur you guys to great efforts. Definitely look forward to more, even still.

OMG, I’m so happy you guys updated Koizora! And um…two volumes of it?!?! CRAZY! Thank you so much 😀 Very much appreciated as always to you guys Aerandria!

huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu … private prince final …
*bakes lots of cookies for Aerandria staff*

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