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OK. We’re doing Once a Day releases again this week. Yes, rejoice all you spoiled leechers! ^^ Again, we’re looking for staffers. I updated the Wanted page for the available positions.

We are actually looking for a person who will do nothing but clone out background SFX after we’ve put in the text. Meaning the scans are already leveled, cleaned and typesetted. We just need someone to redraw and clone BEHIND the text. If there’s nothing to clone on a page, you move on to the next page. Simple! ^^ Please use the Contact Form and choose Cloning Ninja as the subject. X] Yes, we actually invented a whole new scanlation job just for this position. XDD

Onto the releases:

  1. Himegimi no Tsukurikata chapter 3 – Maria just joined a school play, and guess what part she’s playing. A princess! ^^
  2. Penguin Prince chapters 4 and 5 – Another completed series~ \o/ I almost didn’t want this series to end… X]
  3. Gekka no Kimi chapter 20 – This one’s for all of you that need cheering up. ^^
  4. Midnight Secretary chapter 19 – Nice way to start the month of August, right? I thought that vampires has super hearing as one of their powers as well. Obviously, it’s NOT the case in this series…. pffft….
  5. M.C. Law chapter 4.1 to 4.3 – We’ll be releasing entire chapters for this series, other than leave you hanging with parts of each chapter as the author intended. XD And we finally see a good-looking female! ^^
  6. Kamisama Hajimemashita chapter 2 – Uh-oh, a cliffhanger ^^ Tomoe is so stubborn!
  7. B-EYES chapter 3 – What is it with our antagonisms with girls in shounen and shounen-ai manga? XDD

Also, if you have any extra change to spare, please consider donating so we could buy more manga for you guys to scanlate. Our paypal email is Thank you!

And if you didn’t read the post from last time, here it is.

  • Editors, lovely and active editors. Join our staff of happy elves and we’ll give you cookies. And love. ^^
  • Cleaners – We need people who can crop, rotate, level, and clean our scans for us. We have a whole bunch of stuff needing cleaning and helping will definitely speed up our releases. ^^
  • Quality Checkers – Must have prior experience to editing, though, because you’ll sometimes be asked to correct editor errors. You’ll also be trained in proofreading so for this position, you’ll be given both the editing and proofreading test. Must be a fast worker.

And as of today, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is officially dropped. What with the various groups releasing it, you should still have your Neuro releases from them at a steady pace. Our current translations of our chapters are currently posted on The Neuro LJ community run by Tidah of Ecchi Troopers. Many thanks to Ecchi Troopers for working with us on this.

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stoopid me. I forgot to say Thank you for B-EYES. So … um… Thank you!

“What is it with our antagonisms with girls in shounen and shounen-ai manga? XDD ”
I’ve always put it down to simple jealousy. If we’re not going to be the girl who get the gorgeous boys to be interested in girls versus whatever their current passion is, then we don’t any other girl to be able to accomplish it either.

Good stuff here 😀 I’m always happy for more Motomi Kyousuke and the last two Penguin Prince stories were wonderful! Gekka no Kimi is good stuff too 😀 And I’m suuuuuuper excited about more Kamisama Hajimemashita!! (though, the file seemed incomplete when I tried to download. Or there was some kind of error anyway…) Thank you so much!!

Thank you for the release! <3

What series do you need editors for? I’ve been thinking about joining a scanlation team for awhile, but I’m still exploring different groups.

All we need now is some Kindan no Koi de Ikou in celebration of Breaking Dawn’s release. Go Vampires and werewolves!!! :mrgreen:

is it just ironic that you released midnight secretary? there was a solar eclipse! haha thanks for the chapter! <3

Thanks for Penguin Prince! Such a cute project.

thanks for the MS chapter!!
I’ve just downloaded from IRC! *kyaaa* =3

Thank you for MS! The chapter… sighs. Beautiful.

Fabulous job of editing and translating for all of us, the readers (and leechers! :) )

Thank you!

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