The moon, the sakura and the pool of blood


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It’s a beautiful warm night outside and there I was, sipping sweet wine and lying comfortably below a sakura-tree in full blossom, watching its tender petals rain down around me. Until…
*Lacaille drags in a dead-drunk Mari and plops her in front of the keyboard*
Lacaille: We need an update post. I expect teddy bears and flowers.
Mari: Wut? Trendy bars and flowers, you say? Oooh, gimme the bishie who has them!
Lacaille: There’s no bishie! We need a post!
Mari: No bishie? Wut will you even post if there is no bishie in it?
Lacaille: There are bishies. We just need to introduce them. In a POST. Write.
Mari: Introduce them? Like, to each other? Oh, no, Lacaille, we’re not THAT kind of site!
Lacaille: Hey, Mari..? When was the last time you got any work done around the site?
*Mari starts to sober up* Three months ago…
Lacaille: Nuff said. *cracks whip*
And thus…
Mari was never to be seen again, Lacaille got her post (kind of) and you, dear fangirls, get these releases…

  • Present wa Shinju – Chapter 1 of a new series! Presents, pearls and pretty girls… until someone gets hurt. >]
  • Lega no 13 – Chapter 2, and oooh, the things the Merry Priest does to our new favorite bishie! @.@
  • Elixir (Kenja no Ishi) – Chapter 14! With Lega and Elixir, it’s officially Renaissance Week at Aerandria!
  • Iiki no ki – Chapter 4 goes to show us that showbusiness is hell. Like, literally. :O
  • Toukei Ibun – Chapters 4e and 4f mark the end of volume two! Has the criminal finally made a wrong move?!
  • Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata – Chapter 16 starts the last volume of our dragon bishie galore! XD
  • Koi to Gunkan – Chapter 5 is full of the usual madness, involving bathrobes, puppies and ceiling ninjas! <3

Also, we’re looking for:

  • Japanese to English translators for some of our shoujo romance series and also our shounen ai series.
  • Experienced Chinese to English translators
  • Editors: experienced and even those willing to be trained~ Apply~
  • Experienced Quality Checkers – You must have editing experience~
  • Manga and magazine scanners~ Suggestions on new titles are welcome~ Please let us know~

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Thank you for your hard work! It seems that spring has finally reached little penquins and they went for a nice vacation, maybe? Hope you will be back refreshed!!!

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