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We’re back~ Did you guys miss us? We heard some of you were already suffering from withdrawals. And we were only gone for five days! XD Anyway, let’s start the Once A Day release week again today. ^^ The leechers can celebrate once more.

Also, please give us some new ideas for some polls questions. I suppose it’s not surprising that the supernatural bishies won… Though the perverted ones being in third place was a surprise. XD

  1. Mademoiselle Butterfly chapter 7 – Yay! Another sweet chapter from this series. Two chapters more to go and it’s completed!
  2. Hanatsukihime chapter 2 – Another Siva-licious chapter~ Mmmmm~
  3. Himegimi no Tsukurikata chapter 4 – For the birthday girl, Nix aka craxx! Happy Birthday!
  4. Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! chapter 3 – I KNOW Shinya reminds me of some other manga character… I just can’t remember who…
  5. Gekka no Kimi chapter 21 – Shuu can sure be creepy sometimes…
  6. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan chapter 1 – Finally~ Chapter 1 of the new Kaori Yuki series! Many thanks to the staffers/fangirls who helped with this series. And Varda who did an absolute miracle with the colored spread page. XD
  7. Rasetsu no Hana chapter 6 – More disgusting sweets and delicious bishies!
  8. Midnight Secretary chapter 22 – It was actually released on IRC quite a while ago so the really rabid fangirls and stalkers there got to read it days before. XD And we’re extending for another week of releases~
  9. Hachimitsu no Hana chapter 7 – More on the story of a blossoming first love~
  10. B-Eyes Chapter 4a and 4b – Don’t blame us for the creator’s weird chapter naming. We also wish they’d just stick to chapter names without parts or decimals. XD
  11. Ninohime no Monogatari – Another entire volume and a completed series! \o/ The first story is a LONG one and is set in an historical setting. Thanks to Esthetique for the joint~
  12. Kingyo Sou chapter 2 – Another chapter of this moving series. ^^
  13. Kindan no Koi de Ikou chapter 16 – For our birthday girl, Shadow Chick! Happy Birthday!
  14. Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 5 – The conclusion to the story of the poltergeist with a snazzy house with a pool! XD
  15. Shiro no Keiyaku – A beautiful one-shot by Sakura Tsukuba. It reminds me a bit of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. XD
  16. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan chapter 2 – The conclusion to the mystery of the twins in the cursed city, and a new Orchestra member joins!

Please consider donating your extra change to help us with our purchase of various manga and magazines. Thank you.

We’re also currently hiring the following:

  1. Quality Checkers – You’ll be given both the editing test and the proofreading test.
  2. Editors – People experienced with Photoshop or any graphics editing program. And no, Paint doesn’t count.
  3. English Proofreader – We have 2 openings. We need people who can turn in at least two chapters per day. Seriously. Please use this form to apply for proofreader. And for the love of all things sacred and good, PLEASE follow the instructions in the test!
  4. Japanese and Korean Translators
  5. Midnight Secretary Cleaner – We need a cleaner starting from chapter 25 since Shadow Chick will be going on a bit of hiatus. We need a person experienced in editing AND redrawing since we use magazine scans for the latest MS chapters. Turn around time is two weeks per chapter. Note that we need quality work on this, otherwise we don’t know how the rabid fangirl population will react. Workload is light since MS only comes out once per month in Japan and MS25 is the latest chapter. Current Aerandria Cleaners are welcome to apply.

Please use the Contact form to apply (except for Proofreader applications). ^^ Click here for more info on scanlation jobs.

All proofreader applications are still being processed! No need to reapply!

Thanks to Callandra for the new poll question!

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Whoa, the new oneshot looks good~ Thanks for your hard work~ <3

Thank you so much Aerandria
BTW what does Aerandria mean?

Thank you for all your hard work. I’ll take some current series and the oneshots. I think Aerandria staffs likes to see us suffering from manga withdrawals 😉

Wow so many great releases this week 😛 Thank a lot guys! You did AMAZING job *hughughug*

Thanks for Shiro no Keiyaku… Sakura Tsukuba <3

wow! 😯
you guys are amazing, as usual.
thanks for the week releases…and then the added extra week of surprise releases! they were awesome 😀

I love you guys and thanks for all your hard work.

:mrgreen: thanks for the release of kindam no koi
and I like your polls question
well you can add all the release you want about smutty manga like Ms and kindam no koi, i will love them all 😳 😯

“Where wolf?”
“No, Ookami this time, not Kindan.”

Okay, so it wasn’t that funny or clever. But it was the best I could do on the spur of the moment. :)

Thanks for the release.

I must take my hat off to you guys, just amazing. Thank you so much for all the amazing releases!! We couldn’t ask for anything more

Wow! Lots of new stuff for us today. You’re too kind. Thank you for Kindan and the others. :)

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