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Let’s see… It’s been a while since we’ve released for this series, but here’s chapter 2a of Osuteki Daarin. I can’t believe this volume only had 2 chapters!! Arrg! So each half chapter you get from us is about 50 pages long, which is definitely longer than most chapters. We’re also urgently looking for a japanese translator for Osuteki Daarin! If you’re interested, please Contact Us. We’ll love you to death and give you hugs with cookies, chicken nuggets and confetti (not necessarily in that order ^^).

And we have a new series for today. We’re releasing chapter 1 of Akuma to Dolce, a joint project with Serenus Dreamers. SD is definitely a fun and dedicated bunch to work with and so look forward to our other joint projects with them. \o/

Random Note: The downloads for Midnight Secretary chapter 2 within 24 hours exceeded twice that of the total downloads for Gekka no Kimi!!! With Gekka released on the weekend and MS released on a weekday, we expected more downloads for Gekka. Again, the Closet Smut Lovers group proved us wrong with their rabid fangirl-ism. ^^

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Thanks…I love all your projects and you have no idea how gracefull and excited by the new releases! keep doing the great work ……and yes, most of us are closet perverts hahahaha

I’m liking the new series! Thank you!

akuma to dolce was really cute! great manga and thank you for all the hard work!! <3

Sorry for being a closet perv.

But really thanks for all your hard work. It doesn’t go unnoticed!

Akuma to Dolce seems very interesting and quite light-hearted. 😀 I really enjoyed the first chapter. Thanks for scanlating it!

I was happy when I realized Akuma to Dolce’s mangaka was SUZUKI Julietta. I loved Karakuri Odetto, now I’m going to like Akuma too. The picture of Mayuri and the first tiny devil are one of the cutest images I have ever seen.

Thanks for working on Akuma to Dolce :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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