Kyaaa!!! Vampire!!!


Posted by Tii-chan | Posted in Manga Release, Updates | Posted on 03-09-2007

This chapter is a long time coming but we finally have our very first vampire bishie!!! Here’s Ookami ga Kuru! c001a. Sadly, he isn’t the main character… >______< Meh, beggars can’t be choosers right? =P We also need a new translator for this series so if your interested please contact me through our contact page! Enjoy! ^_~

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First time visitor here, you guys do great work and myself and a few of my friends are eternally greatful. Midnight Secretary Rocks!! Im waiting for the series to be published in English so I can line my self! Thanks a mil, and I would be part of your staff If I had anything to offer you. Sadly It dosnt look like it though. 😕

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