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*cues horror music*

Here I update you what we’ve released while the website was down, kekekeke.
(Now, this is really time consuming. =.=) Now, give me your offerings for me to rise again! >D

And thanks to *nomnomnom* offerings *nomnomnom* enjoy the re*nom*lea*nom*ses*nomnom*

  1. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji Chapter 8 – Awww… I know you actually didn’t believe her, Izzy-sama. More obstacles to their relationship! And 1 more chapter to go! Woot!
  2. Sakurahime Kaden Chapter 14 – The series is now licensed which means you can only download the files in IRC. We’ll officially drop this series whenever we release the chapters we currently working on

Not in any particular order, kekekekeke:

  1. A Princess and A Bum Chapter 05
  2. Kurobara Alice Chapter 07-10
  3. Dokuhime Chapter 09-13
  4. Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! Chapter 15
  5. Billion Princess Volume 03
  6. Gakkou no Sensei Volume 01 Extra 01-02
  7. Kimi ni Moete Ii Desu Ka?
  8. Hakuou no Sono
  9. Sora Log Chapter 06-07
  10. Mishounen Produce Chapter 03-04
  11. Kingyo Sou Chapter 07-08, Extra
  12. Full House Kiss Chapter 19
  13. Gekkou Teien Chapter 02
  14. Venus ni Arazu Chapter 07
  15. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji Chapter 06-07
  16. Rouge et Noir Chapter 07-08
  17. Seishun Kouryakuhon Chapter 03
  18. Sakurahime Kaden Chapter 13

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WELCOME BACK!!!!! I’ve missed you guys!! Thanks for the releases!

wahhh o[‘A’]o
Aerandria is finally back!
Welcome back! \[^o^]/

You gave me another reason to live and be happy haha~
Thank You for the releases o[^^, ]o

sure been a while! this is awesome stuff! thanks for the releases and making it available! legends as always!

Finally!! Welcome back!

wishing you good luck on your upcoming projects

Ahhhh welcome back >:D< Miss you and thanks you so much for the hardwork :DDDD

I noticed that you didn’t have Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan on the dropped list yet. Is that because you still got chapters to release or because you don’t know that it’s been licensed?

Anyways, thanks for releases 😀 Moar of old projects that are still alive like the chick who turns to a puma or the chick who fights with kendo(?) sticks and protects her childhood friend (though I think you probably forgot all about it after releasing first chapter…it looked interesting.) or the chick who got kidnapped by the prince of the invading country and held hostage by the younger than her prince.

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