JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


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Lately at Aerandria, I’ll be honest, our update posts have been… weird. First we write something about a balloon and things connected to something about cotton candy, and then flaming cupcakes come out of nowhere. I’m surprised you people haven’t informed the proper authorities and have us put into straight jackets. Though that padded white room does have a certain allure… probably wears off over time.

Now what does JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have to do with anything? Aside from being, from what I remember, an interesting series that seems to go on forever… it has the word jojo in it~ And it just so happens to be the birthday of a certain special staffer. Guess who?

From all of the staff, we’d like to wish jojo_da_crow a happy birthday! jojo has been a great addition to the staff ever since she joined. She flips, flops, and wiggles, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! She has mad scanner skillz and was one of the reasons we were able to surprise Laca-sama on her birthday. On top of everything, she didn’t run away screaming from our staff’s weird humor. In fact, I think she just made us laugh all the harder.

So here’s some presents, jojo, to give back a little what you gave us~

  1. Dokuhime Chapter 4 – Scanned by who else?
  2. Sakurahime Kaden Chapter 11 & 12 – More goodies for the birthday girl~

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i just belive u were hungry thats all
merry xmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderfull christmas ^__^

Meri kurisUmasu ♥

meRry ChrisTmas ♥

MAligAYang PaskO♥!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AERANDRIA! More power to you and lets all have a wonderful, fun and memorable Christmas! :)

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