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Well since last week, we’ve been dealing with some mutiny from the staff. It seems they didn’t really take to being chained to their computers. We found poor Mari tied up and forced into a closet with 100 volumes of manga to translate. Luckily we rescued her before she went completely insane and she is recuperating this week.

This time we are going to try some new tactics on them. They do seem to like sweets a lot so what better way to encourage them than with cute sweet boys? *___* That’s where I, the resident Shounen *coughShota* Director, comes in. I’ve been scanning away for the past few months and there are some great treats to come. Like boys in showers, or boys in chains, or my favorite: boys in distress?

*Jojo takes a moment to fan herself.*

These great manga are sure to get the staff ‘s productiv…

*Jojo abruptly stops her speech and she eyes the staffers whose eyes have glazed over and one or two that are licking their screens.*

Oh dear… it looks like maybe giving them cute boys wasn’t such a good idea.  Let’s hope that we can find someone who can prod  them to work as well as Lacaille could.

And we need editors and quality checkers! Don’t let the many, many, MANY bishies I scanned go to waste! Apply to be a staffer now~

And the releases:

  • Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen chapter 6 – Euda-sama’s chibi form never ceases to amuse me.
  • Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume chapter 20 – Another joint chapter with Intercross. Who can resist a manga with two cute boys?
  • Akaku Saku Koe chapter 9 – Another chapter for you all! Only 4 more chapters to go!
  • Blue Ramun chapter 12 – I’m sorry but no matter what I do I can’t get past the main character’s name. *chortle* Jessie Jackson. Ahaha.
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita chapter 7- The ears… I just want to fondle them. *___*

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HOHOHOOOO … distress … *Droooools*


for you 😉
because you are such a great scanlation team with the cutest manga around~d

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