It’s the most wonderful time of the year~


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Do you love chocolate? I do. Do you like flowers? I do. Do you like sparkly things that are also very fluffy? I do… sometimes… it really depends on what it is. Anyway, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s day. You know how it’s supposed to be a day or a weekend or a week (however long you like to celebrate it) of love~? Well… I suppose it’s our turn to show you all some love again. However, we can’t pull it off to the best of our abilities without your help. Check out our recruitment page and remember that the Contact Us page is your friend!

Now for some classic Aerandria lovin’~

  1. Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama – ^__^ Some Tomu Ohmi for you!
  2. Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru Chapter 13 – whee~~ some more for you!
  3. Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama – Yes, this is the real version… unless I made a mistake… It’s on IRC by the way. [Edit: I DID make a mistake… the real REAL one should be circulating on IRC now… Sorry!]
  4. Venus ni Arazu Chapter 05 – I love collars, but only on IRC.
  5. Rouge et Noir Chapter 03 – Why are men so complicated in real life AND IRC?
  6. Full House Kiss Chapter 18 – It continues!!!
  7. Sora Log Chapter 05 – Fighting for justice is never a bad thing!
  8. [Edit: I apologize greatly for uploading a funky version of Ryuujin-sama to Oyome-sama to the site. The correct version of the oneshot is now up. 2/17/2010 9:51 P.M GMT -6]

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thanks for your great work!!!

Manga is better than chocolate any day…unless you happen to be eating chocolate and reading a good shoujo manga… :3

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