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OK, you guys are officially the craziest fangirls (and fanboys, yes we haven’t forgotten you) ever. I can’t understand why you believe that I can be a teddy bear, a penguin, and a rock at the same time. What kind of superpowers do you think I have?! XDD

Despite all that, I’m here to bring you some news and ask for your help! Please take the time and read them~ _(_ _)_

  • It seems Hachimitsu no Hana is on hiatus. The last release from the author was June 2009. The mangaka has been concentrating on her other series, Kaizoku to Ningyou.
  • Billion Princess is also in hiatus. The creator hasn’t been actively working on this series. So after we release volume 3, we can all… camp out at the author’s front step.
  • Venus ni Arazu‘s last chapter is chapter 7 so… *hands the smut fangirls some tissues to cry on*
  • New random poll!

We’re also actively working on our other series but we need your help so please contact us and join! Most of us are taking on multiples tasks to bring these releases out to you as soon as we can. Please consider helping us out~ We’re fun, crazy, random role-playing maniacs who occasionally like to tie up bishies. >D

  • We need quality checkers like you’ll never believe. Imagine all those edited chapters that are waiting to be released~ We’re buried in them and as much as we’d like to release them out to you guys, we need your help in QCing them.
  • We need scanners for various series. The faster a chapter is scanned, the faster we can work on it~ Please~
  • We also need experienced editors or people who are willing and patient to learn.

Remember to contact us and join!

Due to the recent fangirl server crash, all direct downloads have been disabled for a while. Please head on over to our irc channel at for the downloads.

  1. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan Chapter 11 – Lucille is caught and…?! No… that… definitely not our doing… *sounds of chain*
  2. Rouge et Noir Chapter 6 – Really… thanks to Fairy for her fast and good editing! \o/
  3. Seishun Kouryakuhon Chapter 2 – Akizuki Sorata <3 Thanks to our new joint partner Shinnen for their help with the series!
  4. Kamisama Hajimemashita Chapter 17 – Kyaaaa!!! Tomoeeeee~~~~ *drools
  5. Venus ni Arazu Chapter 6 – Finally, live together?! XD
  6. Kurobara Alice Chapter 7 – Come, mortals…
  7. Billion Princess Volume 2 Extra – For shounen-ai lovers~

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Here is another fangirl who would be happy to help out ^ _ ^
I don´t have Photoshop, but I work a lot with GIMP.
My english is good too, so if you have use for me then let me know!

Hello! I already sent in my test, and am ready to help out as soon as I can!
I have lots of time on my hands.

Do you guys need help with editing or QC-ing still? I’ve never done either of those things, but from what I’ve read about the jobs online, it doesn’t seem too bad…

Hey there, do you still need a J>E translator? I’d love to help out.

Heya there! 😀

I would love to be a QCer, and I would love to get some feedback. Even though I have zero experience being one, I would still try my hardest.


Hi :)
I really appreciate the work you do and I love reading mangas , And so , I want to help !
I have no experience though so Quality checker sounds okay-ish. I’ll pretty much do anything i can to help if you need me. One small thing i’m going to point out , I’m english but I have lived in france for 7 years , so my spelling in english is TERRIBLE (I stopped at the age of 8 haha.) So yeah , I’m a french/english inexperienced girl who wants to help 8D.

Good job on all the scanlations you’ve done. I recently fell in love with the Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume series you’ve done. LOVELOVELOVE, so here I am, wanting to lend a hand in your genius-ness…
I’ve done some manga translation(Chinese/English) and editing before. I prefer editing with fireworks, but I’m quick with learning other computer programs =D
Happy to lend a hand and keep up the good work~

Hi there,
Are you still got the vacancy? i don’t have any experiance but i definetely want to learn :)

what does a quality checker do? i’d love to help any way i can, even if i have to be trained.

o wait, never mind, i know what it is now ^_^;

I already email you my test, please check it out and thanks for the time. I’ll be waiting for some good news XD

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