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OK, you guys are officially the craziest fangirls (and fanboys, yes we haven’t forgotten you) ever. I can’t understand why you believe that I can be a teddy bear, a penguin, and a rock at the same time. What kind of superpowers do you think I have?! XDD

Despite all that, I’m here to bring you some news and ask for your help! Please take the time and read them~ _(_ _)_

  • It seems Hachimitsu no Hana is on hiatus. The last release from the author was June 2009. The mangaka has been concentrating on her other series, Kaizoku to Ningyou.
  • Billion Princess is also in hiatus. The creator hasn’t been actively working on this series. So after we release volume 3, we can all… camp out at the author’s front step.
  • Venus ni Arazu‘s last chapter is chapter 7 so… *hands the smut fangirls some tissues to cry on*
  • New random poll!

We’re also actively working on our other series but we need your help so please contact us and join! Most of us are taking on multiples tasks to bring these releases out to you as soon as we can. Please consider helping us out~ We’re fun, crazy, random role-playing maniacs who occasionally like to tie up bishies. >D

  • We need quality checkers like you’ll never believe. Imagine all those edited chapters that are waiting to be released~ We’re buried in them and as much as we’d like to release them out to you guys, we need your help in QCing them.
  • We need scanners for various series. The faster a chapter is scanned, the faster we can work on it~ Please~
  • We also need experienced editors or people who are willing and patient to learn.

Remember to contact us and join!

Due to the recent fangirl server crash, all direct downloads have been disabled for a while. Please head on over to our irc channel at for the downloads.

  1. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan Chapter 11 – Lucille is caught and…?! No… that… definitely not our doing… *sounds of chain*
  2. Rouge et Noir Chapter 6 – Really… thanks to Fairy for her fast and good editing! \o/
  3. Seishun Kouryakuhon Chapter 2 – Akizuki Sorata <3 Thanks to our new joint partner Shinnen for their help with the series!
  4. Kamisama Hajimemashita Chapter 17 – Kyaaaa!!! Tomoeeeee~~~~ *drools
  5. Venus ni Arazu Chapter 6 – Finally, live together?! XD
  6. Kurobara Alice Chapter 7 – Come, mortals…
  7. Billion Princess Volume 2 Extra – For shounen-ai lovers~

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Hello! I also contacted through email and application, but I am interested on working on any shoujo/ historical manga that needs help in Japanese->english translating~ I recently graduated from college with a degree in Japanese and Chinese, but have only translated 80 diary pages of momoko sakura as of yet~ Please allow me to be of assistance!! >///< I may be kinda fresh to this but I am a fast learner~

Hey, I have no experience, but I could help if someone would be able to teach me something.

I’m from Canada and have a bachelors degree and obviously know english well, I am willing to help in any way.

I love to help out any way I can. I’m a beginner though so I would need to be trained but I’m a fast learner. I’m Dutch but I speak, read and write English fluently. Just let me know if I can be of service.

Hello! I would love to help out with proofreading! I have lived in the U.S. My entire life, and naturally speak English fluently. I absolutely love manga and would really enjoy helping to make the translations an easier English read! I hope I can help! 😉

What does the QC work include? I am also experienced in using photoshop, even though, due to exams, I cannot commit to too heavy duty jobs until summer.
keep up the good work :)

Hello, I would love to help out on editing! Although i am a beginner and would love to be taught(i am also a fast learner :3) and i can be patient…
If photoshop is used for editing then i have 4 years experience on it 😀

I just started learning to translate and was hoping someone might be able to recommend some fairly easy raws to start with. Or even individual pages. Anything that a more experienced translator might recommend for a noob. thanx

My friend told me about this website. I’d love to help be an editor but can somebody teach me… I’m patient… :)

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