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There’s been a recent ant problem in the staff room lately… At first we wondered if an ant colony had suddenly migrated to our dark mysterious cave (Is that even likely?) . However, it became readily apparent that these weren’t any… ordinary ants. They were SMUT ants. And they were after. one. thing. Just guess.

The ant infestation is slowly eating our staff alive, so releases might be a bit slow. Just saying.

Also, I, personally, may or may not be deathly afraid of ants… Smut might make it twice as scary. -Sees the chances of survival dwindling…-

  1. Hapi Mari Chapter 13 – You know who you should be thankful for.
  2. Kurobara Alice Chapter 11 – Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  3. Shounen Dolls Chapter 07 – To which GOD should I pray to get these cool dolls? *_*
  4. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji Chapter 09 – Ends! *throws confetti*
  5. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan Chapter 12 – IRC release only since it’s licensed.

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Merry christmas!!! and happy new year (some days sooner, but i won’t be able to be around till who knows when, so i wanted to congratulated you) sorry for my english, it’s kind of bad, but i’m going to take care of that during the vacations, wish me luck xD
anyway, just wanted to wish you all to have a very happy christmas and new year.. thank you for all your work till now =) i love you guys!! ^^

Glad to see you guys are back and thanks for continuing to scanlate Hapi Mari. You guys are one of the best and most user friendly groups around, I look forward to future releases and thank you for all your hard work.

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