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Missed us? ^^ Well, after we’ve had a good dose of sleep and gorging on well-deserved chocolate, imagine my surprise when I see the poll results. XDD Really? So you guys are now imagining that a cuddly teddy bear is typing this update with its fluffy paws…? -cowers from the glinting eyes and wicked grins of the fangirls who wants to squish her- What sick, sick minds you have… XD I will say this here and now: There will be NO plushie smut in Aerandria, no matter how much you wish it! >O -covers her fluffy self with a blanket-

So… seeing how crazy the last one was, now we need suggestions for new poll ideas… We like serious, crazy, and even random ones. ^^

Also, happy Independence Day to everyone in the US!

And some bit of good news: We start the week releases once again~

  1. Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 10 – This one’s for jojo! We hope it makes you smile~
  2. Sakurahime Kaden chapter 7 – *drools over the double page spread* *looks up* Pretend you guys didn’t see that! :O
  3. Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! chapter 9 – I keep torturing myself with wishing this shounen title had some romance in it… >.>
  4. Ikenai Candy Love – I LIKE this smutty one-shot!!! It gives me such evil ideas… XDDD
  5. Full House Kiss chapter 13 – This chapter is just so hilarious! XD
  6. Kamisama Hajimemashita chapter 9 – :O CHIBI! *points* CHIBI!!! *goes to grab it* Tomoe fangirls, brace yourselves!
  7. Ruri no Kaze ni Hana wa Nagareru chapter 1 – New series and one that I will personally stalk myself… I got addicted >.> This release is for our birthday girl, Suyara!!! Happy Birthday, CHUYAAA~~~

We still need more editors, preppers, cleaners, and cloning ninjas to help us with our releases. We have a whole bunch of stuff waiting to be edited~ Our new editor trainer, CassiusOS has gladly volunteered to train people who have some knowledge of Photoshop. We suggest you take advantage of him his good will~ Just let us know when and how to reach you so we can coordinate online schedules. ^^

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Thank you so much for Shinyaku Ookami. 😀

Suyara :: Happy Birthday! :3 Best wishes for you~

Thanks for the new project! Seems like an interesting story~ <3

Wow~ You released such a pretty series for my b-day! 😮 Thank you laca and the staff that worked on this~! <3 I'm going to go read it now! lol

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