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Before we release, we’d like to inform you on a few things that we’ve decided regarding future releases. With regards to our more popular releases (Midnight Secretary, possibly Beast Master, etc.) we won’t be announcing their release on on the day of the release anymore. This is to prevent the sudden spike in traffic and download that disables the site when we post the release on MU. Too many visitors accessing and downloading at the same time makes our server go down on its knees and cry.

Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE We stalk that site for new releases everyday too. We rely on it to inform visitors that we have new releases. We’re very grateful to them. We’re just giving a chance for frequent visitors to get the releases for the popular series on this site first, before we announce it on MU, to lessen the server load.

Does that mean we won’t be posting the releases on MU anymore? No. We will still be posting about the releases on MU, BUT only after a few days has passed. Posting the release on this site a few days before we post on MU gives the stalker fangirls the chance to get the release here first without joining the hordes of leechers that will come once we announce the release on MU. Yes, we’ll be in Stealth Mode. Hopefully that will lessen the burden of the server.

For those series that need more exposure and more fandom, we’ll announce those immediately on MU. It’s only the popular ones that will get delayed in being announced.

So, we ask everyone’s cooperation in letting us handle the announcement on regarding our releases. Please don’t post about our releases on your own on MU. We will post our releases in our own time. Please respect our wishes on this.

How will you be informed then when a release has been posted? Simplest way is to visit this site. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed found at the bottom left of our menu.

*sees the update on MU* Obviously, people don’t respect our wishes. *sigh*

With all that out of the way, here we go with the releases. I’ll be editing this post again for various releases within the week so check back here for updates.

  1. Midnight Secretary chapter 9 – Another cliffhanger… Many thanks to the MS fangirls and staffers, Mari and Sakiera. You guys are great! ^^
  2. Majin Tantei Nou Gami Neuro chapters 14 and 15 – Yes! We now only have 1 chapter to fill in before all the gaps are done. \o/ I wonder what chapter we’ll translate next after chapter 16.. hmm…
  3. Rasetsu no Hana chapter 3 – This finished volume 1 of Rasetsu! Thanks to the wonderful work of Razril and Kara! \o/ We glimpse a bit of Yakou’s past in this chapter, plus some interesting moments between the three main characters. X33
  4. Blue Ramun chapter 7 – OK, I was supposed to put in some spoofs along with this release for today… but then I saw how many more chapters of the other series I had to QC, scan, edit, and proofread and well… I thought better of it.. but a hint on it.. This chapter is SO ripe with possible yaoi moments… damn it… my yaoi fangirl-ism is emerging its ugly head… ^^

//2nd edit
I’ve also updated the FAQ page with some new questions that I keep on getting. Plus, if anyone knows a good fantasy/supernatural shoujo manga that no other group is doing, please let us know. I’m a fangirl for that genre. X33

I’m also thinking of asking around for a Korean Translator. What do you guys think? Should we also feature manhwa on Aerandria in the future? ^^

//3rd edit
We need a DEDICATED and experienced editor (that means someone who won’t disappear and leave us hanging) for Gekka no Kimi!!! We have lots of chapters waiting to be edited! Please apply before Razril kills me. Have mercy. >.>

And many thanks to Ayase for hosting our releases for us. You’re wonderful! ^^

There… 5 releases within 4 days… I think I deserve a break after all that. *plops down to bed*

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yeaah manhwa yeaaah… 😎 thnx for the releases!!!

Thank you for all the great work you guys do!!! =3 Much love~~! I also like the manhwa idea. I’m always ready for manhwa. =DDD

Yes! I love mahwa, their art is great and sometimes their story lines too… I love every single one mahwa I have read!

Thank you for your hard work! I will be donating in the near future as my appriciation for your hard work

thanks soooooooooo much ~~~u guys rox

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