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I would like to give a HUGE thanks to all the staff members who worked sneakily to release stuff for my birthday without me knowing. *bows* I am ashamed to say that I had no idea that they were planning anything at all. Though the fact that they were asking much weirder questions than usual for days should have alerted me. I didn’t even know it till 6 hours after the fact and I only knew because I got a warning email from our filehost at Manga Avenue saying some files were disabled because of too much http connections (downloads). Imagine my confusion when I knew for a fact I haven’t released anything yet for that day. That was the moment I decided to check the site and noticed the sneaky releases. *hugs the staff* THANK YOU!!!

Now for some serious stuff. We know we’ve always been fun and crazy here in Aerandria but I’d like to ask for your attention for the moment. Last Saturday some of our staffers here (including me) were devastated by the typhoon Ondoy which caused non-stop heavy rains in the capital regions of the Philippines for a more than a day. This caused massive flooding and devastation of lives, loss of homes and a lot of people still missing. Some flooded areas reached up to 3 stories high in flooded waters (my aunt’s home). Though, and we give huge thanks for it, the staffers escaped the worse of the situation. Some of us experienced long power and phone blackouts, some were forced to spend the night on a school floor because the roads have become impassable, and others had their home flooded and precious belongings damaged. Even with that, we are extremely thankful that we still have our homes and our loved ones. We already sent out some basic necessities like dry clothing, clean drinking water, rice, coffee, sugar: things that we so easily take for granted.

So we ask those of you who are capable, or have the means to, please consider helping out the victims of Ondoy. Google even dedicated a whole page for information, and where and how to send help. We at Aerandria will get nothing from this. This is not for us. We are not associated with any organization that provide the help to the victims so we ask you to only send help to the accredited associations (listed in the Google page). DO NOT send us anything. If you can’t send help, please inform those who can. Anything you can do will be appreciated by those who need help.

Thus, all releases for this week will be dedicated to the people who have been affected by the tropical storm Ondoy. We hope, in some way, the manga chapters we release here will give you a ray of hope and look forward to a rebuilding of a more promising future.

  1. Sakurahime Kaden chapters 9 and 10 – If these chapters don’t make you smile… I don’t know what will XD
  2. Billion Princess chapter 12 – Another one to bring out more smiles~
  3. Purple Eyes volume 1 – An entire volume release. This series is not for the faint-hearted.
  4. Koizora – Setsunai Koimonogatari Chapter 17 – Wow! She’s been through a lot!
  5. Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare Chapter 5 – Maybe our favorite mop-sword maid can help with the mess Ondoy left behind~
  6. Himitsu no Himegimi Uwasa no Ouji Chapter 5 – Hmm… Interesting…
  7. Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan Chapter 8 – Kaori Yuki Goodness <3

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I used to live in the Philippines myself was surprised you currently live there after all this years going on IRC and this site I thought you live in US, Japan etc…. I know how bad it could get… Best wishes Lacaille at least we thank god you’re safe of course your family too..

I hope you all are safe and healthy as well as ur families. God Bless!

I’m not anywhere near where typhoons hit now, but I was just North of the Philippines last year. Granted, it was Hong Kong, where they can afford typhoon-safe buildings, and it never got really bad, but the typhoons that came through were scary. I hope that everyone is okay! Thanks for the releases even during such an incident.

Although I do not live in the part of the world that is hit by typhoons I know how stressful it can be not knowing if your loved one will be safe. My dad is overseas where they were afraid the typhoon was going to hit. I just found out today that it did not; but it was stressful not knowing so I will keep everyone over there in my prayers. I am glad that you are okay.

Thanks so much for the hardwork even in this disaster. <3

God Bless You All

I am so sorry for the difficult times you are enduring and I am so grateful that you are all well.

We’ve had some flooding here in Georgia recently (not nearly to the extent that you have) but people not far from us have lost their homes or have been completely flooded. They had to boat or kayak to and from their houses!

My husband and I have been very lucky and blessed that it passed us by.

Once again, I’m glad that you are all well and hope that you are able to go back to your homes safely.

Prayers be with all the families that were affected by the storms.

aww im soooooooooo glad u guys r all ok, i mean i dont kno what id do if anything happened u guys cryyyyy

Wait, so if I what I comprehended from that post is right, some of you guys are pinoys? Interesting! (lol, yeah, I didn’t know) I’m one myself. That typhoon was really terrible though. While I only heard about in the news (I’m not from Luzon) when my college started asking the students for donations, I didn’t think twice about giving anything useful for them. I really hope no other typhoons would hit with force like that any time soon. Take care you guys.

I’m from Vietnam. Last week, 5 provinces in the middle of Vietnam had been dramatically destroyed by typhoon No. 9 (I don’t know its international name). It’s said that about 122 people died, 12 still missing. However the situation was not as terrible as in Philippines.
I checked weather news everyday. As I know, a new typhoon may attack Luzong – Philippines in the next few day, and another one is going to Vietnam’s sea.

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