In Solemn Silence and Gratitude


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This week’s releases are dedicated to those affected by the recent Japan crisis. For our readers, as you download and read our releases this week, please take a moment to thank the people in Japan who make all these manga that we scanlate possible. Without them, we won’t be able to enjoy the various manga titles we have here. And, if you can, help out the victims by visiting and donating to the Japan Relief site of your choice below:

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Thanks for the releases!

Thank you so much for releasing Shukuren. I’ve been waiting for this project for over a year. You guys are the greatest.
On a more serious note, Makia’s post reminded me that we should remember other countries that are affected by the tsunami as well as Japan. If you haven’t already donated, please do. There are plenty of sites that will accept donations below $10 or any monetary number of donations. Just thought I would add another recommendation. Hope you don’t mind Aerandria.

Thoughts and prayers to Japan and best wishes to all of them. :)

My heart goes out to all those in Japan. ;-; Even for all of the other countries which had received flooding from the natural disaster, any little bit counts!

Thank you, Aerandria staff for spreading the message~~~ *huggles*

And another thank you for the chapters~ I shall look at those in a moment. *w*

Thanks for the new releases!

And all the best luck for Japan!

Sending lots of good vibes towards Japan. Definitely planning for a holiday there to help stimulate their economy, once things are a little calmer there.

thanks for the releases! FHK *mwah*

Thank you for the releases and spreading the message of donating and thanking Japan for everything they have given us.

Thank you for this new chapter of Full House Kiss!! 😀

Prayers for Japan!

If really you have the whole reason.
A lot of luck and regards
From chile

Thanks to everyonewho contributed!

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