In Solemn Silence and Gratitude


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This week’s releases are dedicated to those affected by the recent Japan crisis. For our readers, as you download and read our releases this week, please take a moment to thank the people in Japan who make all these manga that we scanlate possible. Without them, we won’t be able to enjoy the various manga titles we have here. And, if you can, help out the victims by visiting and donating to the Japan Relief site of your choice below:

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Whoa! Oh My Prince looks like a new fave. Love it!

Oh! Updates! Thank you again for all the hard work and also for the links of sites.

thank you so much, we are all praying for Japan <3

We have already donated, but I think it’s great that you posted the list with links. I’m praying for everyone. Thank you for the lovely releases!

Thank you for the list of donation sites. I always include Habitat for Humanity because it makes me feel hopeful for rebuilding. Thank you for the releases,especially Kurobara Alice — that chapter was amazingly good and timely — and is a perfect reminder that another reason to admire the Japanese is their strong determination to rebuild, no matter what.

Thank you! This chapter of Kurobara Alice was awesome! I really liked Shukuren too. >.<

thank you so much for the releases!!!! can’t wait for hapi mari!!! thank you!!!

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