I’m a rock.


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A rock doesn’t talk. These are my thoughts. You guys just happened to be able to read my thoughts. I’m just a normal rock residing in the Aerandria staff room. I hear they talk about lots of random stuff like “How can I make a good conversation?” and stuff… pfft. I think I’m a WHOLE lot better than them at making conversation.*snickers* And I know LOTS of their secrets: like what Lacaille-sama really is.. She is not some stuffed teddy bear, I tell you! *evil giggles* How I wish god would give me the ability to speak… *draws circles on the floor* (Like I can draw!) So that, I can threaten them to spill out their secrets and only release MY fav series. *evil grins*

One night, while most of the staff were asleep, I got bored and thought of an idea. I snuck into their “To release” store. Amongst the so-many chapters lying around, there I found my fav series! I quickly grabbed the chapters, ran quickly but quietly, stole the website’s key from the Marcella and voila! I’m here to share with you all! Thank me like you worship meh! MWAHAHAHAHA.

How do I move exactly? Heh, I— *sounds of footsteps* Crap! Someone’s coming!

  1. Seishun Kouryakuhon Chapter 01 – Cuteness!
  2. Full House Kiss Chapter 17 – Never give up~
  3. Hapi Mari Chapter 10 – >_< Must sneak sneak sneak!
  4. Dokuhime Chapter 05 and 06 – Ho ho ho! Two in one!
  5. Kamisama Hajimemashita Chapter 16 – Try to find me (the Rock) on IRC!
  6. Natsu no Zangai – I… must hide now! But here, for you! A one-shot!

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THX!!!!! I LOVE kamisama hajimemashita!!!!!

Thank you!!!
I’m not sure about your idea : a rock doesn’t talk! lol I’m thinking about a serie made by the france and italie :fantaghiro cave of the golden rose.
In this story there is a rock which speaks.


OMG. I love that series! XDDD I remember watching it when I was a little kid. I was searching for the title for awhile now! You’re my saviour! :O

Thank you for all of the releases. They were wonderful as always.

thanks for kamisama hajimemashita!! thanks! you ROCK!! :)

arigatou~! :3

thanx 4 d release..
I love hapi mari.. ^_^

thank you for hapi mari! The penguin is cute, should be named Zen! XD

Thank you for the releases!

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