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Crank up that song because it’s party time! \o/ It’s Aerandria’s fourth year anniversary!!! Yes, four years and more than 1000 releases later, we’re still going strong! And what better way to celebrate our birthday than with a new look, a party song, and a boatload of releases!!! I’ve also been brought back to permanently create the update posts again~ *mutters about diabolical staff members and their chocolate traps*

*cues more party music and passes out the confetti*

So what’s the agenda for this year? Well, seeing as we’re such evil souls, we thought on the first day of the anniversary we’d give you some cliffhanger chapters to have you begging for more! Don’t worry, though. We’ll be releasing A LOT more of these as the week progresses for a long parteh!

  • Heart no Ousama Story 1 and 2 – Just because we like to tease… with smut… XD
  • Hapi Mari chapter 18 – This made us realize that we need to buy sunglasses for this series *__*
  • Mishounen Produce chapter 8 and extra – We like to tease with bishies and kisses…
  • Kurobara Alice chapter 18 – Doesn’t this just want to make you read the next chapter right away?! Yes, we’re evil… XD
  • Shounen Dolls chapter 11 – More bishies… jealous bishies~
  • Heart no Ousama Story 3-5 – Bah… we’re softies, so we’ll finish it off quick for you~
  • Hapi Mari chapter 19 – Because no one can resist fun in the sun. =]
  • Wizard chapters 1-4 – An entire volume of cute stories for you~
  • Raspberry Field no Majo chapter 3 – ^___^ Happy Anniversary to the folks at Forbidden Garden!
  • Kurobara Alice chapter 19 – XD and here it is! That chapter you wanted to read so badly last week!
  • Ruby Blood chapter 3 and extra – Vampires? In the summer? Why does this remind of me something that happened last year…
  • Hapi Mari chapter 19 – The real one this time. It’s pretty steamy for a few pages~ ;D
  • Hana to Watashi – A really cute oneshot about the power of music~
  • Sora Log chapter 10 – This chapter features newly-sworn in smut ants… beware…
  • Babel no Tegami A bittersweet oneshot about first love
  • Mishounen Produce chapter 9 – Can paparazzi also be called smut ants…?

And some extra notes:

  1. We’d like to thank EVERYONE for all the help, support, love, innocent souls, chocolate, and newborn babies that they have given us. We still can’t believe we’ve gotten this far and it’s all thanks to you guys! Staffers, past and present, supporters, fangirls, fanboys, and crazy stalkers, thank you!
  2. We still need more editors, preppers, cleaners, and cloning ninjas to help us with our releases. We have a whole bunch of stuff waiting to be edited~ Please join our staff so we can all satisfy our manga cravings~
  3. Please consider donating for manga for us to scanlate! We’d love to give you more bishies, smut, romance, and general craziness and manga goodness! Every little bit helps~
  4. Is that Crash counter for real?! :O
  5. =D Join us in the Aerandria Forums!

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You guys are awesome! You come out with the next chapter of the mangas you manage faster than any other scanlator i’ve been. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Keep at it!!!! You guys rock !!!!!

Happy Late Anniversary!! Four year is an accomplishment.
I love your series!! <3

Weee waaant moooooarrrrr…. Moaaarrrrr smuuuuuuut~ Moooaaarrrr bishieeeeeeeeesssss…!

Seriously guys, you are awesome, you deserve a big altar and a seraglio full of willing bishies!

seriously u guys are awesome, its such an amazing co-incidence that whatever manga i just pick out of the blue,& if i come to like it…it will always be scanlated by aerandria….always…..you guys always pick up awesum series…your manga choices are great….. Thank you for your releases :-)

congrats!!! XD and thanks so much for all you guys do!

thank yoy very much

YAY~! Happy 4th year!!! ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ Thank you for all the releases you have done, and i’m looking forward to all future ones =)

Happy Anniversary!
Thank you for all of your hard work. Those of us who cannot read Japanese really appreciate your efforts to share these wonderful mangas with us. Thank you again!

Thanks, thanks, thanks and…. Have I said thanks?
You guys are really great, it’s not a wonder you’ve been able to release for 4 years!

You are the best.
Really from the titles you release, the excellent quality of scans, and the overall group you have.
You guys are amazing and only people who love shoujo manga can get how much I truly appreciate what you ugys do.


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