How Time Flies~


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Can you guys believe that it’s been two years since we had our first ever Aerandria baby? Yes, it’s our smut ant’s (craxx, yes, we know it’s you) baby’s birthday! Happy second birthday, Haris! Your Aerandria aunts and uncles now feel even older! XD It seems just like yesterday when we were awaiting news of your arrival and now look at you! Did we forget to mention that he’s the first officially documented baby caused by Midnight Secretary? It must’ve been all those fangs… and… blood drinking… *trails off*

Can you believe he started out like this?

And now looks like this?

Oh! And if anyone can also give us pictures of their own Smut Babies (you know, babies suspected on being conceived because of too much smut-reading), please do send them in~ XD

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HE’S SO CUTE NOWWW <3. Babies/toddlers are too adorable until they start talking in coherent sentences LOL. Thanks for the releases! Yay one shots & MS :DDD!! Y'ALL ARE GRE8!

What a CUTE baby!

And thank you for the releases :)

awn~ he’s lovely)

ty for releases))

so cute!!! I have a 2 year old nephew, who is currently traveling, but I know teh feeling of havinga little munchkin rummaging anything and everything. AH the fun,l heheh thanks for the scans

Such a cutieee XD. Thanks for the releases :)

Aww, he’s totally adorable. Congrats on the birthday.
(and thanks for the releases)

Yeah, time flies and you’ve been doing great these past 2 years.
And Haris, can I kidnap you?

Aww, how adorable!

Oh, Haris has such beautiful eyes! You couldn’t tell that from when he was a weee baby. Happy Birthday little one!

Thanks for all the releases!

Whoa! He’s going to break hearts when he’s older, hahahaha. Thank you for the amazing releases! xoxo

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