Honey Hunt Release!


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After a long-awaited release, we now bring you the first chapter of Honey Hunt. This is a joint project with Enchantment Scans. Please let us know how you like the series. ^_^

We’re still looking for japanese translator and editors to help us with our projects. Please Contact us if you are interested in joining us. Thank you!

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I hate the parents. They are heartless parents. I hate the mom more the dad since he has a child with someone else and she just want to have *** with a high schooler but both of still need to take care of Yura. What kind of parents are those two? sorry, my grammar is bad. 😡 😡 😡 :sad:

This is really intruiging. I rarely find any manga that has a very intruiging starter. And I’m dying for more!!! Hahaha….

I’ve only read the first chapter of Honey Hunt but I enjoyed it *immensely*. It seems to have so much promise!

Whoa~ already loving it!!!

I really can’t wait for the next release! this series is awesome…it has been a long time since I began reading a series and was captured by it!
Just great!

Wow, this is one really interesting series. I already love it! I love Aihara Miki’s series, they’re just really down-to-earth. Thank you Aerandria Scans! I love you! =3

love the projects that you guys pick! thanks for the release and u guys are tops for having easy download access!

Thank you very much! I love Miki-sensei. *bows* <3

thanks so much for this new project!!!

wow… thank you soo much… I really like it… [I alreadu saw the scan of the first volume [in japanese… I mean… or i think it was japanese… u.u … and since i can’t read them I only see the images!!! XD]
I really like Miki Aihara’s works!!!

Interesting plot! I’m so gonna download~~~!!!

Cookies to both Aerandria and Enchantment Scans!! <3

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