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What’s this uproar? What’s happening? It seems that something big has happened in the Kingdom of Aerandria. I think I’ve heard of noisy alarm sound last night while I was asleep. While I stepped out of my room, all of the staff were busy looking for something. Oh, well… *being ignorant*

I’ll just be straight forward then. I’m the poker face recruiter *pfft*. Counting those chapters to QC, *shivers* If you want to see your favorite series being released, find us some experienced QC-ers or become one! >] We’re being buried alive in its monstrous pile!!!

We also in need of Korean Translator. Chebal! Go here for more details and here to apply!

Pssst… and now Proofreader application is now open! We need a fast and reliable Proofreader!

  1. Purple Eyes Volume 4 – I’m a sucker when it comes to horror, but here you go!
  2. Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare Chapter 06 – Your violence turns me on.
  3. Kingyo Sou Chapter 006 – Masami! Don’t go! :O *looks around if anyone notices**poker face*
  4. Koizora Chapter 19 – Some plot there, woman! D<
  5. Goraihou Gakuen e Youkoso! Chapter 09 – I want that modern weapons as my transport to school! XD
  6. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chapter 13 -It has been awhile~
  7. Horror Collecter Chapter 6 -I should find some time and read this =.=

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Thank you so much for the releases! (/^o^)/

Proofreader? Still open? Pretty please with 3000 cherries on top?

Yep, still open

Then, you might as well update the “Wanted” page, “English Proofreaders” section to be precise, as it’s closed now! ^_^

haha i think you meant shibal~ maybe?

eh, no.. shibal… means something.. rude… -.-

How do we apply to become a QCer?

Please use the contact form and we’ll send you a test ^^

Is there still a need for a proofreader?

OOOOOOO… thank you for the Zettai Heiwa Daisakuseeeeeeeeeen … so cuuuuuuuteeeee…

You have updated all my favorite mangas… when are you going to update the adventures of our cute penguin and her physo captor doctors !! (0_o)

I miss our dear fearless leaders adventures…

**LIGHT BULB** Maybe Aerandria should publish a manga on our one and only penguin? Hmm?? You must have learned some manga writing skills from doing all those translations? Besides, you might become the first group to be manga writers!! XD (and we would see more penguins :) )

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