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One of the closest groups we’ve ever worked with, Serenus Dreamers will soon be closing on April 2008. We’ll really, really miss you guys and I hope we will be able to work even in the far future.

In relation to that, we’ll be taking over all of our joints with Serenus Dreamers and releasing those under only on our group. Titles include Akuma to Dolce, Beast Master, Hachimitsu no Hana, and the upcoming series Kiss/Hug. I’ll be shuffling people to accommodate the workload now but rest assured that we’ll still give you reliable releases. Interested individuals who want to work on these series can also Contact us.

SD, you’ll be sorely missed. ;_;

We also need one Korean translator… please apply…

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Awww, I love Akuma no docel. does that mean it will be slowed down substantially?

awwwww that’s really sad 😥 but totaly underestandable…I just wish that someone would pick up were they left….but thanks anyways, they were awsome while it lasted! forever thankfull

awww it sad to hear that, even though i love the releases please take your time and no need to rush with the scanlating of the series! this fan of yours willl wait patiently!!

How disappointing! T_T They’ve done some wonderful work–but I can imagine how time consuming it must be… Thanks for your hard work, we’ll miss you!

Awwww!! I’m really surprised to hear this… But I understand how people can get busy with life and have to put priority on other things and all that. I’m very thankful to SD for all the awesome work they’ve done for the past two years! All you scanlators have my eternal love for everything you do <3<3<3

sad! 😥 serenus dreamers was wonderful. i don’t think i saw anything about closing on their website 😥

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