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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone~ I didn’t have turkey today, since I’m not American. Instead, I cooked for myself and a bunch of friends, which is a nice change from the pre-made food at school ^_^ Anyhow, that’s enough about me. Let’s get into the real business~

All of our Thanksgiving releases are dedicated to Nix (aka craxx), our wonderful typesetter and new projects puppy-eyer. Congratulations on your pregnancy *(^o^)* We’re sad that we’ll see less of you, but happy that a new life is about to be born. Please continue to hang around the channel~

As a side note, we tried to determine the day Nix conceived her baby, and found out that it was the day she typesetted Midnight Secretary chapter 24. Moral of the story? Excessive reading of MS might cause pregnancy, so please keep that in mind and read with caution. XD

Also, since Nik will be on infinite leave due to her pregnancy, we’ll need more typesetters to take on her workload. We’re also in need of more preppers, cloning ninjas, and Japanese and Korean translators. Please apply! ^_^

Finally, onto the releases~ (In order to prevent the site from crashing, all the new releases will be IRC-only for the moment)

  1. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume – chapter 15. In this chapter, we get to have a glimpse at Ichirou-kun’s childhood <3
  2. Shuukatsu – volume 1. A whole volume release of a new josei project. It’s my personal favorite ^_^
  3. Uroboros’s Circle – volume 1. Another whole volume release of a new series \o/
  4. Gekka no Kimi – chapter 23… And I have no idea what else to write, because I don’t read this series ^^;;
  5. Genius House – another oneshot by Ogura Akane, the author of Mademoiselle Butterfly and Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen~
  6. Full House Kiss – chapter 11. After quite a long time, here’s the next chapter of Full House Kiss \o/ In this chapter, Mugi gets a bit closer to finding her sister, and there seem to be some hints at romance ^_^
  7. Akagami no Shirayuki Hime – chapter 6. Enjoy this chapter of moe-ness <333333

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Thank you for the secret release!!!!! :mrgreen:

Ah, the unfairness of life, my uni connection won’t let me launch mIRC… looking forward to whenever the secret release appears somewhere else… *sigh*

kyahh! thank you for the secret release!! now im looking forward to a secret release from the last half. hehe. THANK YOU! *HUGG!*

yippeee thanks sooo much for the new releases!! SKS FUll house kiss and more!!XD awesome!

Thanks for the new releases! <3

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